Wednesday, March 9, 2022

March 9, 2022

 March 9th

Happy Wednesday, Everyone! 

Our furry friends are having a great week! They are have all had a fun week and enjoy playing with our newer toys! 

Ani has been busy making friends the past couple of days! She is not very interested in leaving her condo but she is welcoming to all visitors especially Rascal! 

Mini is a happy explorer! She has not been interested in the catio yet but she loves sitting in the doorway! Arti loves to sit in the doorway of her condo and watch me clean!

Cindy loves to tell me when it is time for snuggles! She will climb out and let me know it is time for me to pick her up!

Doodle has done some exploring today! He has decided that he loves the shelves behind the condos! He loves sitting on our radio!

Ernie and Goldie has not been exploring downstairs yet! They love the top of the stairs! Goldie loves to try to sneak through all the closed doors! She was upset when I did not open them for her! (Sorry for the blurry photo of Goldie! She is always on the move!)

Ella has also been exploring! She has been from top to bottom! She has not decided on a favorite place yet! Every time I see her, it is somewhere new!

Elsie loves a good head rub! She is not very interested in exploring the rest of the office but she loves to sit at her down and watch everyone!

Intermission for all the friendships that are starting! We have a lot of cats who just want to find a friend! 

Guiness and Jasmine have been settling in well! Guiness loves his basket while Jasmine has been doing more exploring!

Garak and Seven are on the shier side! Garak enjoys sneaking around! He always wants to watch what is going on without being seen!

Izzy is delightful! She is so quiet and sweet! 
She hates stepping in water as I clean and loves snuggles!

Leo and Will are sweethearts! They just want to purr all the time! They have both been doing a lot of exploring! Will is a little bolder in his adventures!

Oreo and Panther want the most cuddles! One is always on my lap while the other is hanging over my shoulder!

Otis is a sweet guy! He was making friends today with Oreo! They hung out all morning in the window box! 

Oyster was off exploring his first morning here! He loves seeing what I am working on or exploring out on the catio! He is very sweet!

Pico Kitten is a new furry friend! She has been settling in well today! She had a big breakfast and has spent the day exploring her condo!  

Rascal has been making friends! He and Ani have been hanging out yesterday and today!

RB is the most energic cat! He loves to run everywhere! He is most upset when anyone has to leave the room! He has to know where you are going!

Scout loves his condo at the top of the stairs! He loves rolling around with all of the toys and playing with everyone that walks by him!

Cat Fun Fact! Cats are very fussy about their water bowls; some prefer to ignore their bowls entirely in favor of drinking from the sink faucet!

See you all on Friday!



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  1. Bahahaha, Garak is such an agro lil turd at home, I definitely need a higher rez picture of him trying to be stealthy.