Monday, January 30, 2012

Here's Baby!  It seems we have a Cheshire cat up here in the office!

Downstairs we've got some intrepid explorers.

Boca is a sweetie!  As soon as I opened her condo she came right up to the front to greet me.

(Then she was suddenly overcome with hunger!)

"Wait!  Where are you going?"

Her sister, Bella, takes a peek outside, as well!  They are still a bit shy, but they are clearly becoming more at-ease as time goes on.

Sky, my constant companion!

Eli tests the water supply.

He looks like a snowman!

He and Sky crowd around me for petting!


Somebody's a little cranky!

What's wrong, Sandy?


How can I resist her vocal entreaties?  Today she gave me the longest meow I have ever heard!

Rewarded for your efforts, Sabrina!

Charles could be a famous cartoon cat.

Mittens is famous!

She's a movie star!

Come back soon!

Your blog host,

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Here's Shiloh, Marie's sweet kitty!

I found Sky rolling around like crazy!

I think it had something to do with that toy...

Now Mojo's got the wiggles!

Eli peeks at me!

Then he peeks outside...

Then he and Mojo peek at each other!

Sky & Mary hang out nearby.  So many relaxed cats!

Mary crouches in readiness...

Sabrina leans way far out of her condo when I come by.  She makes a scratchy little meow sound, hoping for attention!  Who ever says cats aren't as expressive as dogs is WAY off!

Mary is creeping a little closer... clearly she wants in on the attention, too!

FeeBee has really chilled out, and she lounges on a field of daisies...


Until I disrupt the calm by putting bonito-flakes on her head.  Sorry!  I couldn't help myself... :)

Marie catches Bella and Boca's interest by waving a feather toy around.

But they quickly lose interest.

They are all about chin-scratches and sleeping and eating.

Mmm!  How nice!

Isis is particularly flirtatious today!

What a cutie!

This is the life, hanging out with cute kittens all day!

Your blog host,

Monday, January 23, 2012

Cordelia sitting in her chair!  (Heated bed, of course!)

Sky meeeows as usual!  He wants love!  I'll have to make sure to give him another big hug before I go.

Sabrina likes a chin scratch.

FeeBee crawls under her blanket for extra warmth.

The heated bed underneath her clearly helps her relax.

Mojo sure likes hangin' around!

And being upside-down!

Who is this?

Oh, hello Tiger!  Enjoying the foliage?

Mary stretches!

And snuggles into bed with her sister, Isis.

See you next time!
Your blog host,