Tuesday, September 21, 2021

September 21, 2021

 September 21st 

I happy everyone is having a good start to your week!

Our furry friends are enjoying this beautiful fall day!

Basso is the happiest when he is the cuddling with his bed! He loves getting scratches and exploring in the morning!

Beanie loves his condo! He loves hunkering down with his blankets and his tent! He loves visitors but is not interested in adventures yet!

Beesly loves the catio and basking in the sunny! He loves being high up in the catio and watching the going on both inside and outside! 

Birdie is back and settled in fast! She loves running up and down the stairs! We are so glad she is back!

Chloe decided to take her afternoon nap out of the catio today! 
She loves napping in the sun!

Coco Bean and Ian living their best lives! Ian loves to explore while Coco Bean is more interested in loving his condo! 

Dexter and Pepper have been exploring everywhere today! Dexter has been helping me work on the computer and climbing Angela as well! 

Frankie loves to explore once everyone is down for their afternoon nap! She especially loves her condo! 

Jon Robie did some exploring down in the catio this morning! He was sure to be back in his condo for his own afternoon nap time! 

Maks had a great day! He loves our scratch towers and climbing the condos! 

Nala loves to take my office chair as soon as I vacate the chair! She is such a sweetie!

Nando had a spa day today! He turned into a puddle of goo and was purring up a storm!
 He has been asking for more rubs all day!

Nittany is found his new favorite napping space! As soon as I went to take photos, he was coming over to get some cuddles!
 (Side note: Is he named after the Penn State nittany lion?)

Poche was out and about today! He is exploring everyone else's condos and is working hard to make new friends! 

Quincy was being very photogenic today so I had to add an extra photo! Quincy loves to be at the center of the action so he is all lounging in the same room we are working in! 

Sarge and Missy are always very vocal and insistent when they want something whether it is food or cuddles! We love giving them both! 

Stitch headed home this morning but this photo was too cute not to include!

Tubs loves the catio! He loves snuggling in his heated bed and demanding scratches! We are too happy to give them to him! 

We had a lot of new friends come in today and they are all settling in well! They will be featured on our Thursday blog! 

Be sure to check it out! 

Cat Fun Fact! Grapes and raisins, as well as onions, garlic, and chives, are all extremely harmful foods for cats. Grapes and raisins can cause kidney failure — although the reasoning behind that isn’t clear. Meanwhile, onions, garlic, and chives wreak havoc on your cat’s gastrointestinal system and can cause anemia.

Thanks for checking in! 

We will see you all again on Thursday!



Sunday, September 19, 2021

September 19th, 2021

 September 19th, 2021

Happy Sunday, everyone! It's football season again, which means Sundays are Seahawk days. I wonder if any of our kitties here today like football? Let's see what everyone is up to!

Sweet Archie had a nice stretch and a yawn before deciding it's afternoon nap time.

Basso is still loving his den. He's a sweet guy who loves a few pets when I come around.

Bayley is branching out of her den a little today!

Beanie's comfortable tent makes for a good place to nap even when it's sideways. He's starting to explore the cattery today!

It's Beesly's first time getting to hang out downstairs and she is loving the catio! She usually finds a nice shelf to hang out on and spends the day there. 

Cat Stevens just discovered how cozy her den can be! She's a big fan of an afternoon snooze.

Chef and Nando are both typically independent boys, but they've found friendship together. I haven't caught them snuggling, but they definitely tolerate each others' presence. 

I found Chloe tucked in a nice spot on top of a condo for a nap today. She's such a sweet little lady!

Cocoa Bean and Ian are having a great day. Ian did a big stretch earlier, do you see those toes in pic 1?!

Pepper and Dexter are a fun sibling duo. Pepper is pretty independent while Dexter LOVES attention! Sweet boy.

Maiq and Miur are opposites, too. Maiq loves exploring and socializing while Miur found a few spots on the catio he rotates between. He did give me a good sniff and got some pets in exchange this morning.

Moses and Sailor are another sibling pair that are opposites. Sailor loves the tops of the condos, while Moses naps in their den. 

Miss Nala is looking especially cute this morning! She's getting ready to explore the office. 

Independent Nando keeping an eye on things from on top of the condos today. 

Nittany found a great nap spot, though I did wake him up when I came around for photos. Sorry, sweet boy! I'll leave you be. 

Angel boys Ollie and Otis just adore their beds and love hanging out with us, too. A couple of cozy guys!

I've been very proud of Prince Jammy's explorations recently. He started off checking out the cat cabins on the catio, now he's interested in the condo tops.

Quincy sure does love his shelf! He hopped up when we swapped blankets out this morning, but I think dinner will be good enough to lure him back down so we can put something comfy back up there.

Sweet Stitch spent his day exploring the catio! He's a great little guy to have around, always brightens my day.

Theo looked so regal this morning! She keeps her condo very clean which I always appreciate. 

And last but not least, we caught Tubs napping hard on the catio this afternoon! It's his favorite place to be.

That's it for today! We hope everyone has a nice, relaxing Sunday. We'll see you again Tuesday for more kitty fun!