Monday, April 12, 2021

April 12, 2021

 April 12, 2021

Hi all! We've had a very busy Spring break this year and we've got lots of pictures to share with you today! 

It has been absolutely gorgeous here in Seattle and all of the kitties are enjoying the weather. We hope you're all getting outside and enjoying the sunshine as well!

Aria has been enjoying the tops of the condos in our office and getting some good naptime in today

Braveheart is super cute! She sticks to her condo mostly, but she is such a love bug and always ready for pets

Frida went home today but not before we got this glamour shot of her getting some sun on the catio

Frida's doppleganger, Chloe, is still here! She always has so much to say and I love talking with her all day

We actually have two Chloe's right now! This Chloe has been adventuring all over the cattery today, both inside and outside

Harry Potter has the cutest freckles on his paws! He is a sweetie who is so happy to get pets every time I visit him

Jules is a hard cat to get a good picture of because he's always right behind me! He has a super sweet disposition and I'm happy he's my shadow all day

Juno is totally adorable and has been loving her fabric den inside of her condo

King has been quite the adventure cat lately! I'm never quite sure where he'll show up but he always looks good when he does

Tut as well has been doing some exploring of the cattery today

King and Tut are precious and do almost everything together! Including begging to get through the feeding room door and taking power naps in our baskets

Buzz looked adorable rolling around in his condo today

And his brother Kiwi looked like a literal angel in this beam of light from outside

Mezzy has been getting out of her comfort zone and coming downstairs to check everything out!

Missy and Sarge are back! They're getting reaccustomed to life here at AMK

Momo and Marigold looked picture perfect up on these ledges today

Together and apart they love to be up high on top of the condos. Is that comfortable, Momo?

Oreo also enjoys the tops of condos, and got some good lounging up high there today

Pancakes was eager to explore the catio and get some fresh air today!

We've got both Pancakes and Waffles here right now! Waffles is still shy, but has been warming up to us and accepting lots of head scratches

Rocky chose this heated basket on the catio and has been napping all day today!

Susie is back and just as chatty and lovable as always! Glad to have you, Susie!

Tenzing was loving lounging in the sun up on this high shelf on the catio

Tuckerman was also finding some good places to get a little sunbathing on today!

That's all the kitty pals we have with us today! We'll see you next time

Have a purrrfect day!

Saturday, April 10, 2021

April 10, 2021

 April 10, 2021

Hi kitty lovers! We've had a busy day here at All My Kitties and we're excited to introduce you to all our kitty guests!

With our kitties right now, the fluff is real! We have so many fluffy cats to show you it's hard to know where to start

Aria just arrived today and is getting acclimated, but she's been here many times before and always warms up! She's a beautiful floof to start us off

Our next fluffy girl is Braveheart! She is such a sweetheart and got lots of pets and love today

Next up is Hobbes and Jones (left to right). They're almost twins, but not quite! They've been getting out and about to explore and are super curious boys

Jules is the next fluffy cat we have here! He is so gorgeous and has such a great personality. He loves to follow me around, rub up on my legs and get as many pets as he can

Juno is a fluffy girl who is a little fiestier in nature! Here she is rolling around and showing off that belly floof

Loki went home today, but not before we got this great shot of him! He's showing off the floof but we know better than to try and pet that belly


Next up are some new guests, Marigold and Momo (top to bottom). They are quite adventerous and playful and have made themselves right at home!

Oreo loves our window boxes and can be found lounging out there through much of the day. She is absolutely gorgeous!

Persephone has really warmed up to us and has been having a good time exploring the room and getting used to her human friends here 

And Tuckerman is our last fluffy boy! He is a sweet guy who loves climbing both on the catio and inside on our cat tower

And of course, we have lots of adorable kitties in the short hair department too!

Buzz has commandered the top half of a condo for himself, so we've set him up with the tools to get cozy! He is a sweet guy who is always up for some pets

His brother, Kiwi, is a little more unsure, and likes to spend time in his den, but did some exploring today after a little bit of love and encouragement!

Chloe is a sweet girl and I loved the action shot I got of her today! She makes the cutest little meows and is a pleasure to have around

Frida could be Chloe's twin! She is a very adventerous and lovable girl who has been doing a lot of exploring

Harry Potter is warming up to his new surroundings, but is making lots of progress and loves when we show up for some love and attention

Rocky looked absolutely adorable napping up on this shelf above the catio door today. He was fast asleep as I was taking pictures!

Mezzy, on the other hand, woke up from her nap when I came by and was a little grumbly about it! 

Manny is also not too pleased about being awoken from nap time. He loves this basket and has been here all day!

Susie just got here today, but fits right in! She was also a little grumpy after being woken up, but she is a very sweet kitty and we're glad to have her back!

And we had one more grumpy cap after a nap with King, who does not look pleased that I'm disturbing him. King is a great cat and super friendly most of the time!

King's brother Tut has been doing great! He is super sweet and likes to follow me around so he can rub up on my legs. He explored the catio a lot today!

And last we have Waffles, who just arrived and is taking some time to warm up. I have all the confidence that Waffles will warm up like she did last time she stayed with us!

That's it today! We have a full house! Thanks for tuning in and we'll see you next time!

Have a purrfect day!