Sunday, December 31, 2023

December 31st, 2023

 December 31st

Happy last day of 2023!

Alice loves her new bed!

Azula is on the hunt for treats!

Brutus is feeling sleepy today, while Hyra is extra chatty!

Cyan looking so cute!

Fitz is making himself right at home, he even made a new friend Gus, who looks just like him!

Goji is always running around the catio!

Harvey found the best nap spot!

Hana and Yuki are having a relaxing day!

Kevin says "is that treats is smell?"

Millie loves to watch us clean!

Nina is an expert lounger!

Petunia just wants all the attention!

Rori is a non-stop chatty gal!

Roxanne waiting patiently for some head scritches!

Smokey showing off her very colorful toe beans!

Reign and Sounder are always on the catio together!

Toph has been exploring all over today!

Zeus found the perfect heated bed to nap on!

Clovis took an extra long nap this morning!

Ruby is feeling sleepy today!

Nala loves to hangout on top of the condos!

That's all for today
See you next year on January 2nd!
-AMK Team

Friday, December 29, 2023

December 29, 2023

 December 29th

Happy Friday! 

Ruby strutting around the catio

Reign and Sounder are both catio professionals now

Celia enjoying her time on the catio

Kevin loves hanging out with Percy

Percy and Kevin spend all day together. 

Cyan loves this cat tree spot, even if Charlie is on top

Esme hanging in her bed

Mac giving the handlers some love and Octane napping

Nala watching out over the cattery

Toph exploring the catio

Azula found the cozy heated bed

Brutus watching some pets and Hyra napping

Rori watching everyone from the top of the stairs

Millie with a big yawn! 

Charlie is a very active kitty! 

Batman exploring the cattery

Birdie exploring around the catio

Hana and Yuki staying cozy and helping us with the blog

Smokey doing some window watching

Harvey watching everyone from up high

Oyster is very cozy

Zuli loves to hang at the condos at the top of the stairs

Clovis enjoying some time on tops of condos 
and making friends with Gus

Petunia with a big yawn on the catio

Nina staying cozy

Gus explores and makes friends with Clovis

Roxanne watching from the comfort of a condo

Zeus finding all the cozy spots

Goji spending some time on the catio

Alice explored a little today 
but would just prefer some belly rubs

We will see you all Sunday! 
-AMK Team