Friday, December 30, 2022

Friday December 30 2022

Its almost New Year's Eve, get ready to ring in 2023! 

Viv likes to chill in her condo, while Ed can be found pretty much anywhere. Here he is on the catio!

Loki and Raya are getting comfy with their new surroundings.

Tenzing taking in some fresh air on the catio!

Millie hanging on the tree with Cyan watching! 

                                               Little Bailey has the highest perch in the place!

                                    Watson found a nice warm spot to be absolutely adorable!

Waffles found some kibbles to snack on while she bird watches!

                    Patrick is always on the move, running back and forth from the catio to inside.

                            Scout listening to the birds and wind rustling the trees outside!

                                Chloe maxin and relaxin in her condo! She is a sweetheart. 

Jump and Kermit are doing well, Jump likes to be in the condo for now, while Kermit has started to explore more!

Cyan looking like a rock star as always!

Luna in her tower watching over the catio!

A-Pui the class clown. He is always up to something!

Pancake is the office lovebug!

Blossom taking it easy!

Sweet Mona enjoying some petting time!

Little Elko is loving the view from up on top of the condos!

Hamza hamming it up!

Clovis enjoying some mid-day kibble!

Almond staying nice and cozy on the catio!

Jules Claw being a silly and adorable. He is such a ham!

Raleigh in his usual spot out on the catio!

Rascal rascalin' about! 

Have a great weekend, we will see you all on New Years Day!
- AMK Team 


Wednesday, December 28, 2022

December 28, 2022

 Happy Wednesday everyone! 

Happy middle of the weird week between Xmas and New Years!

A-pui being a puddle of kitten

Luna S getting some catio pets

Pip enjoying the heated throne

Rascal just being handsome

Blossom spends her afternoon naps time in her box each day

Hamza having a big stretch before getting into the window

Brutus and Hyra getting some catio time

Tenzing chillin on the catio

Millie making friends

Bailey likes to explore all of the cattery

Cyan has a few looks for you

Edward and Viv hanging out

Apollo showing you all his moves

Watson giving the "treats please" eyes

Jules Claw just being cute

Harvey cuddled up

Roger coming in for the head pets and Trudy just hanging out

Patrick taking a little bath and waiting for treats

Oyster watching Pancake on the shelf

Pancake hanging with Oyster today 

Junebug isn't too sure about her outgoing brother Roger

Goji giving you all the poses

Scout keeping warm in a heated cabin

Elko checking out the window boxes

Almond spends time in a warm basket

Waffles loves some catio time

Clovis contemplating the toy

Luna B still warming up to kitties around her

See you on Friday!