Sunday, July 30, 2023

July 30th, 2023

 July 30th

Happy Sunday Funday!

Bert and Ernie just arrived and are already cozy!

Beau and Punchie came out to say hi and get many pets!

Brutus and Hyra snoozin' away!

Cindy did lots of exploring this morning but now is ready for an afternoon nap!

Pippi and Glady are having a relaxing day!

Harvey says "this is my bed now!"

Jack giving us his pest pose!

Jessica is extra cozy!

Jake and Cleo are extra chatty today!

Leo is checking out all the nap spots!

Goldie, Lenny, and Louis are always ready for pictures!

Maisie loves to chat!

Marvin has the cutest sleeping face!

Memo found a shady spot to relax under!

Oontz is keeping me company today!

Patrick taking it easy!

Petunia in her favorite bed!

Quorra loves to nap on the catio!

Shepard keeping an eye on things from her bed!

Zuli played so much this morning, he's too sleepy now!

Musubi is being extra cute today!

Cocoa just woke up from a nap!

That's all for today, see you back here on Tuesday
-AMK Team

Friday, July 28, 2023

July 28th, 2023

 July 28th

Happy Friday!

Truffle is very unsure of his new stylist, but Tofu says he's got it under control!

Beau and Punchie are always happy to get pets!

Brutus and Hyra are getting some fresh air!

Cindy is too busy sleeping for pictures!

Cocoa in her usual cozy cabin!

Coconut is deciding weather or not she should explore!

Curtis giving us the biggest stretch! 

Harvey is showing off his lions mane!

it's playtime for Jack!

Cleo is sniffing away while Jake is busy napping!

Jessica is obsessed with this cozy high up spot!

Goldie showing off those amazing whiskers while Lenny and Louis have been playing all day!

Maggie loves her den, but loves bets more!

Marvin loves being up high where can can watch all the kitties!

Musubi found a nice bed to relax in!

Oontz says "stay hydrated!"

Patrick is on the hunt for toys!

Petunia getting in that sunshine!

Gnocchi is unsure of Mr snail, Pinot just wants all the attention!

Glady and Pippi love hanging out together, but also love bird watching!

Quorra just being so cute!

Shepard is too focused on a bird to pose for pictures!

Waffles giving us the sleepy eyes!

Zuli loves all the toys we have!

That's all for today, see you back here on Sunday!
-AMK Team