Monday, April 29, 2024

April 29, 2024

 April 29th

Happy Monday!

Max and Sasha are still warming up and starting to explore more

Tula is starting to get friendly with some of our other clientele. Here she is with Ollie.

Ninja and Smokey always come to say hi when its dinner time!

Ben is the cutest sleeper!

Koko gave my hair some intense sniffs!

Brio loves to lounge!

Condi's favorite activity is people watching!

Edie loves curing up super small for a nap!

Scarlet found the best nap spot in the office,
Felix is getting playful, chasing the wand!

Trudy and Freya both had lots of exploring time this morning!

Shepard is patiently waiting for dinner!

Goose loves her purple bed and matching purple blanket, so cozy!

Jelly is the catio king!

Luke just wants all the pets!

Merlin and Ollie are best buds, just look at them!

Mumu goes from sleepy to playful in 0.5 seconds!

Momo decided to check out the other beds!
Nisa has been making biscuits and getting comfortable on top of the condos!

Obi found the toy box, score!

Rickon is so cute and cozy in his warm cabin bed,
Punky is starting to get curious about the catio

Roxanne is extra bright-eyed today!

Saba is way too sleepy to come down for pics!

Tom Wizard and JuneBug are both having a relaxing day getting lots of pets!

That's all for today
see you back here on Wednesday!
-AMK Team

Saturday, April 27, 2024

April 27, 2024

 April 27th

Happy Saturday/ Caturday!

Edie cozy exploring other's condos

Jelly exploring all the spots!

Felix and Scarlet staying cozy in different cubbies

Goose staying cozy after spending the morning on the catio

Shepard enjoying her cubby

Zuli likes to nap in the morning in his bed after breakfast

Athena is thinking very deep thoughts (about dinner)

Ben got some fresh air this morning!

Brio says "this is my spot i shall not move!"

Condi loves all the attention!

Freya and Trudy are loving all the attention they get here!

JuneBug loves the catio but Tom Wizard just wants to snooze!

Koko is always looking for new toys to play with!

Luke looking as handsome as ever!

Mia has been exploring all over since she arrived!

Merlin and Ollie spent most of their day on the catio!

Mumu loves to chat!

Nisa and Momo both found cozy hangout spots!

Smokey loves to watch everyone from her condo and 
Ninja loves a good cuddle with their sibling

Obi, the king of sunbathing!

Punky and Rickon are extra photogenic today!

Roxanne is ready for a nap!

Saba loves checking out all the other condos!

That's all for today
see you back her on Monday!
-AMK Team