Saturday, April 30, 2022

April 30th, 2022

 April 30th, 2022

Ah, welcome to the weekend, friends! It started out as a little bit of a cloudy day here in Seattle, but now the sun is out and it feels like SPRING! I can hardly believe that tomorrow... 

Hehe, I couldn't resist! Ok, let's see what the kitties are up to.

Zeus is such a great friend to have around! He's got the perfect chill vibes for a great day like today. I love getting to spend a little one on one time with him.

Turmeric is being a cute little lurker, watching me answer emails this afternoon! He was patiently waiting for me when I got back from lunch today.

Patrick just joined us yesterday afternoon! He's still settling in and figuring things out, but he's got his favorite "toy" that he likes to snuggle with, so I hope he'll be feeling right at home in no time!

Tibeau is looking handsome as ever, even mid-lick! What a sweet, fluffy cutie. He's been soaking up the sunshine by sitting in the windows today.

Stitch is probably the goofiest, friendliest kitty we have at AMK. His personality is unmatched! I love to snuggle this little goofball.

Simba enjoyed some quality time out on the catio today! He seems to be a big fan of the cat cabins we have outside.

Pip is our favorite little troublemaker! He doesn't actually cause too many problems, but if you hear a loud noise while you're here, it's probably Pip jumping into our sink. He's just a fun loving, rambunctious little guy!

I love this sort of pensive energy I got from Pancake earlier. What's he thinking about?... I think probably he is wondering how much longer he has to wait until dinner. 

I caught Nasfuratu having a very cozy, peaceful little nap earlier today! Sometimes, it's really hard not to scoop them up and hug them when they're curled up so cute like that.

Our long time customer, Millie, is doing great today. Soaking up some sunshine outside and supervising the other kitties inside! A perfect day.

Luna is currently bathing in one of the window seats, but I snapped this picture earlier when she had her mid-morning nap! 

Josslyn stole my chair earlier! I can't really be mad at her though, have you even SEEN how precious she is? What a great cat. I am so glad I get to hang out with her!

Handsome boy Harvey is up to his usual modeling practices this afternoon, currently posing on the shelves downstairs.

Precious Chloe! You can almost always find her napping somewhere up high. For some kitties, I think it's a superiority thing, but for Chloe... It feels more like just a preference. I think she's very down to earth.


Handsome (and sleepy) Bucky is back with us, and he has a new brother! Welcome, Bagheera! So far, these two boys have had a great stay. Bagheera is still figuring things out, but with Bucky around, I think he'll figure it all out in no time.

Bootsie found a nice nap spot in one of our cat cabins today! I always feel bad for taking the top off to check on a kitty napping inside, but I don't think Bootsie was too mad at me. Puss N Boots (PNB for short) has been roaming around as usual - he's a regular who shows up and immediately knows where he's at!

Billie is new to us this week! She's still settling in, but I think she is very curious and interested about this strange new world she's in. We can't wait to get to know you better, Billie!


Bella and Luna both spent a fair bit of time out on the catio today! Bella is known for loving the catio and being uninterested in anything else, while Luna is friendly with all beings, for legged or two! Both gals are kind, and Bella really does start to warm up around breakfast and dinner time :)

Archie joined us yesterday, and he is loving the catio. Nothing like a nice, high shelf, fresh air, and all the sunshine a kitty could ask for!

Anuki enjoyed some time out on one of our window seats today, too! Everyone got a little slice of sunshine. Frida was all over the place today, so I didn't get a good picture of her, but both gals have had a wonderful Saturday.

And last but not least, we have our quartet! Everyone enjoyed the catio today, and Peachy and Honey got lots of extra hugs. Jimmy had a blast playing with one of the other kitties' carriers, which was adorable to watch, and he's started letting us rub his tummy! I love these kitties, it'll be so strange around here when they head home.

That's it for now! We'll see you again on Monday for our next round of kitty updates!


Thursday, April 28, 2022

April 28th, 2022

 April 28th, 2022

It's Friday Jr!! The weekend is almost here and our friendly little gang of kitties is happy to help you roll into Friday. Let's see what everyone is up to today!

Our fantastic four is up to their usual. Honey and Jimmy are both huge fans of the catio, Sammy likes to flutter between indoors and outdoors, and Peachy keeps things cozy and quiet indoors!

Frida and Anuki have been hanging out in separate condos so far for their stay - but they're upstairs/downstairs neighbors, so they can totally hang out whenever they want! Sometimes, you have to give siblings a little extra space to be themselves.

Oh, my gosh... Have you ever seen a cat as handsome as Harvey? Talk about a super model. I think we have some Fancy Feast advertisement levels of beauty going on at AMK today.

Could anything be as sweet and precious as our beautiful gal, Josslyn, snuggling into her bed and absolutely purring away? It absolutely made my day to watch her get all cozy.

Look at our cutie gal, Kiva! We've got her in a condo that I think she likes pretty well, so she's getting a little more interested in hanging out with us as the days go on. 

Mango has been exploring lots today! He's also getting tons of love and attention from our staff. He's a real handsome little guy, isn't he?

Oh, my goodness... Marceline would not make a normal face for her photos today! It was cracking me up. Every picture I took, she looked goofier than the last. She's so much fun to hang out with. 

Look at Millie! One of our long time customers, Millie arrives and immediately owns the place. She's got our routines down to the minute, and she's looking so happy and comfy today!

Nasfuratu is new to us this week, and he's settling in wonderfully. Already comfy and cozy in his condo, he explored a good bit today and was so friendly and sweet to me! I'm excited to keep getting to know him.

Look at this handsome Pancake man!! He loves his condo. It's right next to a window, so he gets to lounge in the sunshine AND birdwatch, all from the comfort of his own space. That's prime real estate.

Goofy Pip has been all over the place today! I think he's found a friend in Stitch. It seems like their energy level is pretty similar, and the way they're running around the cattery you'd think we accidentally got in a couple of puppies! 

Schrodinger is looking pensive and brooding from up on his perch above the main cattery... I think he's going to make for a wonderful supervisor. That's right, we train our guests to head home with some real life skills!

Oh, sweet Simba! I just want to curl up with you and snuggle the day away... What a sweet little man he is. I feel like he knows where the comfiest spots in the cattery are.

Handsome Stitch! One of my favorite little buddies! So good to have him hanging out. He provides a really great playful and fun energy anytime he comes around.

Look at Tibeau's beauty! I think we have another model on our hands. He likes to hang out in the tall spots, training as a supervisor with Schrodinger.

Forgive how poor the quality of this photo is - Turmeric was just being SO cute this morning, I tried to snap a picture as quickly as I could before the moment passed. He was fully relaxed and lounging, looking handsome as can be.

Zeus is having a great day hanging out with his friends! He's so friendly and chill - a wonderful guest to have, always making the others feel a little more comfortable!

Last but not least, Miss Luna, who is totally obsessed with the window seats! She loves bird watching and meowing a hello to the customers that walk by.

I think that's all for today! We'll catch you again when the weekend is in full motion - check back Saturday for your fix of cutie kitties!