Wednesday, January 31, 2018

January 31st

Candy is looking lovely, as always. 

Bags has it made in the shade.  

Iden is starting to warm up to his new surroundings.  

What a doll, Oliver!  

Elijah is still purring after his owner stopped by for a visit.  

Inquisitive Maska.  

Frankie and Hera want to say hello.

Friendly Frankie.  

Hera is a glamour cat by nature.  

Eru is still here being a good boy!  He'd love nothing more than finding a forever home after his owner passed away.  

Boots goes on a expedition to explore the downstairs.  


Boots gives the best hugs!  

Bashful Frank. 

Superstar Lopo.  

Is someone trying to steel your limelight? 

Oh, Taiko!

How could you?

Thanks for looking!

Your blog host,


Monday, January 29, 2018

January 29th

Happy Meownday!

Hera looking quite lovely

I know where Frankie's going...

First a pit stop to scratch the carpet

Right back to his fav spot!

Back to Hera - showing off so cute!

Maska is the catio queen

Surveying her kingdom...

Cutest cuddle babies! I just love how Frank wraps his tail around Lopo

Maxwell is such a gentleman

Biiiiiiig stretches!

Lopo coming out for some human cuddles

Boots makes friends with his condo neighbor, Maxwell

That face is just too cute Boots!

Jackson is one lucky cat!
So curious!

Iden adores his condo

Bashful Ollie
All snuggled down in his kitty cave

Oliver(#2) is all over the place!

Ymir is the sweetest guy!

You know he is happy when he is drooling just a lil bit :p

Bags is the cutest secretary

Even if nothing stays on the desk!
Elijah never minds sharing his nap spot with Ymir

Elijah loves to help with the blog

Thanks for checking us out! Feel free to email for more kitty photos!

Your Blog Hosts,
Angela & Elijah

Saturday, January 27, 2018

January 27th

Happy Saturday, Kitties!

Magnificent Mika.

Ymir is a sweet little dude!  


Maska loves the outdoors.  

Smugglers are at it again!


Lopo's on the run.  

You're a cutie, Mika!

Hera couldn't be more content than to be in her condo.  

Boots is a beautiful blossom.  

Mika again.


Elijah enjoys a good window spot.  

Welcome, Iden!  

Good to meet you, Oliver!

Ollie, baby!


Mysterious Bags.  

Relaxed Max.

Until next time!

You're blog host,