Tuesday, September 27, 2022

September 27, 2022

 September 27th

Happy Tuesday!

Charlotte and Jack loved their early morning cuddles!

Chloe loves to take her naps on the heating pad!

Cloudy and Taofu like to chill in their condo!

Dale loves to check things out from the top shelves! 

Dash and Daisy love to explore!

Dot and Pixel like to check things out together!

Duncan and Lilly love to be on top of the condos!

Edward and Vivian like to spend their day explore the catio and other condos!

Elsie is unsure why she needed to wake up from her nap!

Goji loves any and all attention!

Lucy and Tommy Pickles didn't agree on the plan for today!

Maggie loves to explore other kitties condos!

Millie rules the house from her spot on top of the condos!

Miniko loves to hang out in the cat tower!

Pete thinks everyone should be sleeping in!

Porter loves the cool floor on this warm day!

Sierra demonstrating her loaf technique! 

Raven and Samson absolutely love to explore! 

Scout spends his day checking out other condos!

Tulip can't choose what toy to play with today!

Yoda loves to chill in his bed!

Zeus loves to judge from the top shelf!

Zuko wants to be like his friend Zeus!

See you all on Thursday!
AMK Team 

Sunday, September 25, 2022

September 25th, 2022

 September 25th

Happy Sunday Everyone!

We are ready for cooler weather here!

Angus loves to chill on top of the condos!

Celine likes to explore other kitty's condos!

Charlotte and Jack have different ideas on where to relax!

Chloe was very playful this morning!

Cloudy and Toafu were happy to chill this morning!

Dale is making new friends today!

Duncan and Lilly love all the baskets they can find!

Edward and Vivian choose to sleep in as long as possible!

Elsie loves to sleep in the kitty house!

Goji wants to take pictures too!

Jiji and Yasu are always ready for some attention!

Maggie loves to watch everyone from the stairs!

Midge isn't sure she likes that her nap is being disturbed!

Millie loves her basket in the catio!

Miniko likes to check things out from up high!

Pete loves to chill in his condo!

Porter loves to be in the window boxes!

Raven and Samson love to explore the catio!

Scout loves to keep an eye on things from his condo!

Sierra is ready for more treats!

Tsuki loves to hang out in her cat house!

Tulip likes to take naps in other kitty's condos!

Yoda loves to explore the catio!

Zuko thinks breakfast in bed is the best!

Fun cat fact:

Cats only meow to communicate with humans. 

See you all on Tuesday!


AMK Team