Thursday, January 20, 2022

January 20th, 2022

January 20th, 2022

Happy Friday Jr, everyone! We gave AMK a little facelift and repainted our stairs in the main cattery - we've still got to tidy up some of the rough spots, but here's a little before and after for you!

I think it's coming along well! We just have a few spots to fix where the paint ran behind the tape or smudged in a few spots. So far, the kitties seem suspicious of this new change and only a few have ventured upstairs.

Bella and Luna both spent a lot of quality time outdoors today! They both definitely love their independence and ability to roam around free. Both sweet gals seem to be having a great day with their friends!

Scarlett's photos are a classic tale of a kitty playing with a toy SO adorably, and then stopping the moment I pull my phone out for a photo. You'll just have to trust it was adorable! And Felix here, I'm not sure if he crawled under the blanket himself or if one of the other employees tucked him in, but he sure did look cozy under his little blanket!

Fennel and Shibden both hung out on the catio yesterday, but today they're keeping things a bit more low key. It's a mellow day around here, with Fennel keeping cozy in their room and Shibden returning to her favorite basket!

Please forgive the horribly blurry photos of Jessica - she's taking a page out of Fennel's book and keeping warm in her condo, too. Swapping between naps inside her den and lazy lounging on her shelf where she can see everyone, this sweet gal has me longing for a snuggle session!

Nyla definitely got the memo today, too. She's almost invisible when she's asleep in her den, blending right in to the dark fabric! She's always eager to greet me first thing in the morning when I bring around breakfast. She usually looks out the window for a while after eating, then settles back in for some warm daydreaming.

Oscar continues to blow me away with his outstanding personality! I was a little more tired than usual when I came in this morning, and Oscar was one of the first few kitties to remind me to take a second to breathe - he just nuzzled me and purred for a few minutes, and that's just a surefire way to make any day a little sweeter.

I am so excited for Pimm! He was still pretty shy his first few days with us, but today, he's alllll about showing off his personality! He's been bouncing off the walls with his fun kitten energy, exploring new places and playing with all the toys!

Sweet and quiet owl-cat Timmu found a nice little perch out of his usual repertoire today! Well, to be fair, he has sat here before. It's just that he's recently been favoring the window seats or tops of the condos, so it was fun seeing him up on the shelf!

Yolk was looking absolutely regal this morning from his perch on the catio. Sometimes, when my brain is still powering on, I want to call him "Egg"... Then I have to remember that he's PART of an egg, not a whole one himself. Well, a Yolk might not make for a good omelet, but he definitely is an important part of a balanced morning routine.

Miss Zoey is one of our newbies, and she's starting to feel comfortable enough to explore! Though she spent the first day or so curled up in her den, she actually didn't seem particularly scared or unhappy - just cozy! I think now she's gotten used to the sights, smells, and routines here, so she's feeling more confident about putting herself out there. 

And last but not least, sweet guy Zuko! I've noticed Zuko really enjoys high perches like this one out on the catio. I've seen him outside a little, but it seems like he really enjoys the tops of the condos inside. Sometimes, he'll be on the tallest shelf we have in the cattery, and I won't notice him until I start calling for him and he hops down! He's a sweet boy - so smart and playful! He really enjoyed spending some quality time playing with one of our feather toys yesterday.

That's about all I have for you today! Another great week here at AMK. These days when we don't have a full house are always nice - a little extra time to love on, talk to, and get to know the kitties is always welcome! (And yes... I do talk to the kitties quite a bit... Sometimes they talk back!)

We'll see you back here on Saturday for our weekend update!


Tuesday, January 18, 2022

January 18th, 2022

 January 18th, 2022

My brain has been thinking today is Monday all day - I've just been informed it's actually TUESDAY! I think I've also been typing 2022 too much, because I keep wanting to say that today is the 22nd... Well, whether your head is on straight or your brain is fried like me, I bet looking at some pictures of kitties will make the day better all around.

First up, we have Bella and Luna! Luna is classically the more social and human-oriented kitty of the two - as you can probably tell from Bella's face in that last picture, she would really prefer if we people just let her do her own thing. So we do! She loves the catio and is out there any chance she can get. Luna was a very helpful kitty today, and made sure Jules had all of his things together before he went home.

It seems like Felix is more of a Bella type, too - he seems to prefer people leave him be so he can stay cozy on his own. He's been curled up warm and snuggly in his bed today, while Scarlett has done a bit of exploring around the office. She's just settled back in their condo for a nap on top of one of their shelves.

I'm so sorry for the blurry photo of Fennel there at the beginning, but I thought it was a hilarious image. Fennel and Shibs both love to hop out and give me snuggles in the morning after breakfast. Shibden usually carries on her day to make a quick lap around the cattery (got to make sure the place is still safe) before settling down to nap. Today's spot was this popular basket! Fennel kept things cozy on the home front, ready for when Shibden returns and dinner is served.

Man, words cannot express how much I truly adore the kitties we get to care for here. I was genuinely excited to come into work today and see Jessica this morning. I think she was happy to see me too! She's always got a great attitude. Today, she hung out on the stairs with Yolk for a while before napping in one of her favorite spots - the top of her condo.

Nyla seems so quiet and wise... I just know she's secretly getting visions of the future or something, she definitely knows more than I do about the world. She kept cozy for a good portion of the day, and since her condo is right by a window, she doesn't even have to leave to have a nice, entertaining view!

Okay... Oscar is one of the BIGGEST love bugs we have around here! He's totally been down for cuddles and pets all day long. Even if you interrupt a nap, it seems like he would rather be getting loved on than sleeping. This is great news for me, as I am notorious for accidentally waking the kitties up if I'm taking pictures during nap time.

Pimm's condo is totally one of my favorites right now. It just looks SO warm and cozy, and I think he's having a great time snuggled in his den with his toys surrounding him! He likes to pop out and give me a few nuzzles every now and then - a welcome break from the endless sea of emails!

Now, this thought has probably entered many of your minds before, but it JUST clicked for me. Timmu totally has the eyes of an owl! I think he's like Nyla in that he's got to know more than I do. He is always alert and observant while maintaining a sweet attitude. He's been great to have around! 

Yolk spent a little time today hanging out in Jessica's room, his best friend. I just adore seeing kitties make friends when they're here, it's so sweet! They make a great pair, always very mellow and just hanging out in the same room together. The introverts' ideal friendship: do your own thing, together!

Zuko did a great job as my supurrvisor today, looking down on me from above while I did my cleaning. I think he likes this perch a lot! I'm not sure if I'll be tall enough to bring him down, even with the step ladder... But hopefully dinner will lure him back to me! At least he's having a good time.

That's all I have for you today, folks! Thanks for all the great feedback we've been getting on the blog recently - it's such a fun part of our routine. I've really been enjoying getting to brag unabashedly about how great all of your cats are, and it sounds like you all enjoy reading about it! A win-win, for sure.

See you Thursday!