Tuesday, June 29, 2021

June 29th, 2021

 June 29th, 2021

Happy Tuesday, friends! After that heatwave, all the kitties are keeping it cool here at AMK. Lots of naps and breezes to catch! 

Bertie and Jewel are newcomers here at AMK, but are making themselves at home with ease! 

Blee is a playful little kitten who got some delightful pets today. Good stretch, bud!

Tiger just joined us this morning and is still settling in. The cool air conditioning certainly helps with easing into relaxation!

Primrose is keeping watch on everyone from her favorite spot - her den! This little lady loves to be curled up and napping, but is always happy to get some affection! 

Rani and Thinley have stayed with us several times! They have a favorite condo for sure, and always love cuddles together in their den. Rani is the more adventurous of the two, happy to come out for pets when I come by with the camera!

Rocky Rockstar is keeping it cool in his condo today. It's a lovely afternoon for a good nap after a romp on the catio.

Sophie is staying downstairs this time for her vacation. So far, she loves lounging on the cool tiles and seeing what everyone else is up to outside. 

Maks is a mega sweetie! He always finds the best spots to curl up and nap, and is so lovely to hang around. 

Now that the temperature has gone down, Pan is catching some fresh air and breeze out on the catio. 

Pancakes is so curious! Every picture we snapped today shows how much of an explorer he is. He likes to follow us around during the day and loves a good cuddle session.  

Big boy Pepper has found the purrfect perch. With a nice bowl of cold water in front of him, he's ready to conquer the day!

Brothers Dizzy and Louis are having a ball. This is their second stay with us, and they definitely got right back into the swing of things. 

Kodiak is a big boy who is often found sprawling out on the cool tile downstairs. He's a friendly guy, so he and Sophie are often hanging out together, cooling off. 

Sweet Einstein has been following me around all day! He demands pets and cuddles. Sounds good to me, I can oblige. 

Edgar has been goofing off with his BFF, Blee today! They tired each other out, and are both enjoying nap time. 


Drake has been keeping watch over us all today! He found the highest point in the cattery and parked himself there to survey his surroundings. 

Sweet, goofy boy Chef is having a blast napping on top of the condos today. He's one of the few kitties that rebels against having a condo, and prefers to free roam. The whole office is his!

Clovis seems pretty grumpy that I woke him up from his nap... Don't worry, he went right back to sleep when I left! 

Braveheart has been winning us all over one by one. She's got the best personality - so sweet and friendly, loves to cuddle, and KNOWS how to work the camera! What a gal. 

And last but not least, Almond! He did a beautifully large stretch out on the catio today. He likes to roam around and is always happy to keep me on schedule - dinner time is soon, right? :)

That's all for today at AMK, we hope everyone stayed cool during the crazy heat this week! Feeling very grateful for air conditioning and sweet kitties. 

AMK Team 

Sunday, June 27, 2021

June 27th, 2021

June 27th, 2021

Wow it is hot out this weekend! We hope everyone is staying cool on this lovely summer day.

Almond enjoys soaking up the warm weather on the catio. He found shelter in the cat tree box. 

Arya joined us today and is adapting to her new surroundings. It is great to have her back!

Bootsie and Puss N' Boots have been venturing outside this morning. Now they are both inside for an air-conditioned nap.

Thinley and Rani stay close to each other. Twins like to stick together!

Braveheart has been running around all morning. She is very curious!

Chef has a very chill demeanor. Seems like he should have a hammock on the beach during this hot day.

Dizzy and Louie are both taking naps at the moment, but enjoyed some outside play time on the catio earlier. 

Einstein is having a sleepy Sunday. He finally cruised out to the catio to see what all the heat is about.


Luna and Terra like to check out the other cats' condos. They are very sweet with the other cats as well. 

Maks has been pretty shy until mid morning. He is finally coming out and making some friends.

Pan has been admiring the day from the safe ledge in his condo. He loves his ZZZs.

Pancakes took advantage of being outside during the earlier hours and went inside for a cat nap. He seems to have his summer routine down. 

Bisbee is definitely the life of the party. He is everywhere there is action and loves his pets.

Pepper found a spot outside where he can see perfectly into the garden as the birds and bugs fly around.

Primrose greeted me with a big yawn this morning. She slept in but has recently decided to check in on her kitty friends.

It almost looks like I caught Edgar red-handed. I wonder what he is up to...he is enjoying a slow start to his day.

Quorra found a spot outside next to Pepper and has not left since. She is too cute!

Rocky Rockstar went outside for 5 minutes and determined this heat was not for him! Him and I both prefer the cooler rooms.

Samuel has been sleeping in his basket all morning so it was hard to get a picture of him. He cannot be bothered on his lazy Sunday.

Sophie stays close to the cool tile. She lets the other cats walk around her while she lays right in their path.

Blee has no idea how hot is outside, while he naps in the breezy room.

Clovis is shy for the camera. He enjoys the cozy condo with the summer sunshine coming through the windows.

Everyone stay cool and hydrated because it is going to be another sweltering day tomorrow. Until next time...

AMK Team