Sunday, January 30, 2022

January 30th, 2022

 January 30th, 2022

Howdy, everyone! It's a nice, lazy kind of Sunday here at AMK. The kitties are all enjoying their favorite leisure activities today - even our most shy guests are a little more comfortable and relaxed than usual! We've got great vibes today - take a look!

Albi has adventured far and wide today, from the tops of the highest shelves to the furthest corners of the catio. It's been a busy day for Albi, but I think she's pretty happy with all she's accomplished.

Arwen and Lego are leaving today. Historically, we don't put kitties that are arriving or leaving on the blog for that day, but I'm just so proud of how comfortable these two have gotten that I had to share. Arwen spent her first few days seeming very suspicious and spending most of her time in her den. Now, a few days later, she's curious and confident enough to check out our window verandas! Lego has led the charge for adventure most days, but today, Arwen showed off.

Sisters Bella and Luna are pretty well known for being mostly opposites - Luna enjoys human company, Bella is perfectly fine without it, etc. But the past few days, I think Bella has figured out that I'm not so bad. I've found her lurking around nearby wherever I am, usually just out of reach or hiding behind a corner, but she's there! She's let me pet her a little, but I don't want to make her stressed out, so I'm fine with some close-but-not-too-close company.

Brownie and Miso's den appears to be sideways! I wonder if they threw a party last night... Both kitties seem to be doing great so far. They were both a bit shy when they first arrived, but they've already welcomed snuggles and visitors without a care. Miso in particular seems to have made friends with Cheese, while Brownie's buddy is Catsby - see down below under Catsby and Cheese's section for pics of their budding friendships!

You might notice that there's quite a few more photos of Brutus in this collection than of Hyra - Hyra enjoys eating breakfast, heading out to the catio, and enjoying the great outdoors for most of her day. Brutus, however, enjoys following ME around and demanding pets and love at every turn. I'm happy to indulge, but when he reaches up to me by putting his paws on my leg, those claws are nothing to mess around with!


Catsby and Cheese have totally bonded with Miso and Brownie. Miso and Cheese love snuggling up in Cheese's den, keeping cozy, safe, and quiet. Catsby and Brownie are both a little more curious - they perch on Brownie's shelf so they can watch the other kitties running around the cattery together. It's so cool seeing feline friendships blossom like this!

Cleo is looking as gorgeous and regal as ever! Her royal highness likes to be just that - high up! She'll nap on top of the condos for most of the day, and hop down to say hi to me once I'm done cleaning to make sure dinner will still be served on time.


Felix is truly only ever interested in me when I'm bringing him food or when he THINKS I'm bringing him food... but his sister Scarlett is much more flexible with our friendship, and doesn't demand gifts. They've been a great pair to have around, and since they'll be with us for a while yet, I think it's going to be my personal mission to be proper friends with Felix.

Phew, guys. Frankie has had a BUSY day. If you remember, a few days ago I mentioned that I couldn't tell if friendship was going to blossom between Oscar and Frankie... Well, after a few days of getting to know each other, I think it's safe to say they're pals. Oscar is 100% happy to be friends with anyone, but Frankie seems to be begrudgingly interested in Oscar. Like, he DEFINITELY does want to be friends, but he seems kind of annoyed about the fact that he wants to have a friend... Or maybe he's just annoyed I have to document it.

My girl Jessica hit the town today!... And by town, I mean catio. She spent a good long while enjoying the rays outside and getting lots of play time in with our scratching posts!

Sweet Jon Robie is so precious. He adores his little basket, and is perfectly content to just keep napping, eating, and napping some more. He's hopped out a few times to say hello and get some love, but this guy knows what life's about - comfort and cuisine. 


Maks is a simple guy, just like Jon Robie. They both know what they want in life, and aren't too interested in anything else. Maks came out to snuggle for a little while today, but like Jon, he loves his cozy basket time. Both boys always finish their meals and every now and then will see what's going on out on the catio, but for the most part... It's naps and cuddles for them!

Now it's time for Oscar's perspective on his new friendship with Frankie! Oscar's just been having a great day. He can see that Frankie is interested in him, so he's kind of nonchalantly making himself available to hang out. He knows Frankie would never ask, so Oscar is happy to just... go ahead and be friends. No awkwardness, just jumping right into being pals.

Phoebe's really taking advantage of her window-side condo! It's been a fun day of watching customers come and go, seeing the birds in the garden, and watching what the neighbors are getting up to. Honestly, it's like she's got a flat screen tv in her condo with how entertained she seems. She's getting much more comfortable with me, always happy to see me as I bring around breakfast or dinner, and starting to give me headbutts of affection.

You already know Rosemary and Sage spent time cuddling together today - but I managed to catch some pictures of the first half of their day, before they joined forces. Sage was totally posing for the camera, while Rosemary was a little more reserved in their basket. 

Yolk copied his BFF Jessica today with his adventures! Mostly highlighted by some time around the scratching post, but with a few sprinkles of climbing and naps in high-up spots! A good day, no doubt about it.


Theo arrived a few days ago, and seems to prefer her cozy, smells-like-home carrier rather than one of our dens. Well, that's just fine, we can make that work! We took out our den so she can sleep in her carrier (which hopefully will continue to make her feel really safe, ultimately helping make her feel comfortable when she has to travel again). She's a sweet little lady, one of my favorite guests! She's been eating great, too, which helps me understand that she's not wildly stressed... She just likes her carrier right now!



Sweet Schatzi was scheduled in a different condo than he'd been in before for this trip - he didn't seem to mind it at all, but what surprised me was later in the day yesterday, I noticed he had crawled into Luna and Bella's condo - a condo he stayed in a few months ago! It's funny how some of the kitties remember which "room" was theirs, and develop a preference for it. We always try to schedule kitties in condos they've been in before, and if that won't work, then we choose condos that will hopefully make them the most comfortable. Schatzi definitely enjoys his nice basket in HIS condo, but it was also kind of Bella and Luna to let him hang out for a bit. 😊

Roxanne just joined us yesterday, and she's having a great day so far. She's met Oscar, and they're still trying to decide if they want to hang out or not. Roxanne does really like us humans, so I'm excited to get to love on her in the next few weeks.

Well, that just about wraps up our weekend update. As usual, we'll see you again on Tuesday to see who we're hanging out with this week!