Saturday, May 25, 2024

May 25, 2024

 May 25th

We've got a full house today at All My Kitties!

Punky and Rickon spent a lot of the day laying their claim on the coziest spots

Ruby T is the boss and everyone knows it!

Bayley has made herself at home in the office

Luna and Snow are coming out of their shells and having a great time exploring!

Kitty is too precious, she loves this shelf in her condo

Gracie is a catio kitty, and she's claimed this shelf as her domain

Luna R also loves the catio! Here she is exploring one of our cat trees

Ruby W is always ready to come down form her perch for neck scritches 

Jules is a super friendly and cuddly boy!

Toast has been watching the birds from our window perch

Waimea is staying cozy and warm in her cubby

Moggy is a major purr machine and loves getting pets!

Angus is out and about exploring!

Luna F found one of our heated cabins out on the catio


Harvey loves to give us a peek from his favorite hiding spots as we're walking by

Oscar trying out one of our many scratching post options

Almond has chosen a favorite heated basket out on the catio to stay cozy in 

Hana and Yuki have found their favorite cubbies in the office to chill in

Archer got some good rolling and petting in

Nami and Tora got some major chilling done today!

Luna and Maisy found some very comfortable spots to hang out in today

Oscar was playing hide and seek with us...he found the best hiding spot in the whole cattery!

Miso loves this cozy little spot behind the condos

Bug was looking so cute waiting patiently for some pets in her condo

Newton is such a curious boy!

Ingrid and Peter are the sweetest, snuggly siblings

Arya is feeling camera shy today

Have a good weekend everybody!
-AMK Team

Thursday, May 23, 2024

May 23, 2024

 May 23rd

Happy Thursday!

Angus was very excited for breakfast!

Bayley always loves to chat and get pets!

Bug loves all the toys!

Casper making lots of friends!

Gracie exploring the catio!

Greyson has claimed this as his bed!

Ingrid and Peter are giving us their serious faces today!

Jules loves to relax!

Kitty likes to spend her days on her condo shelf!

Snow found a box its been very exciting, Luna is watching from up high!

Luna R making some funny faces!

Waimea loves her cozy bed!    

Moggy found the perfect spot to nap under the blankets!

Miso showing off his beautiful smile!

Nerwton enjoying the fresh air!

Oscar is very curious this morning!

Punky and Rickon enjoying treats and pets!

Roxanne says "more treats please and thank you!"

Ruby Tu is showing off her Kung Fu skills

Ruby W coming over to say hello!

Tula checking out the stairs!

Toast is watching everything from his condo!

That's all for today
see you back here on Saturday!
-AMK Team