Wednesday, January 30, 2019

January 30th

Jaime is ready for some fun!

Koa in classic tabby stripes.

Riley has the cutest pink nose.

Affectionate Frances.

Cooper always the class clown.

Bima is so handsome.

Pepper has a big personality!

Pita begins her day with calisthenics.

How refreshing!

Hello Archer!

Janeway is a sweetie.

Lupe likes to hang out in proximity to her condo.  

Pita appreciates the heated tile flooring.  

This is Janways condo!

Jaime is a real charmer.

Rita says it's too cold outside for the catio today!

She'd rather stay cozy in her condo.


Sweetest Cercei.

Adventurous Jaime. 

Archer out for a stroll.

Curious Cersei.

Pretty Pita.

Lupe in her condo.

Now I've got your attention, Pepper!

Have a great day!

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Monday, January 28, 2019

January 28th

Feeling Playful

At All My Kitties!

Noodles lurks in the catio

Pretty Pita 
Jiji checks out the catio cabins

Archer is such a handsome guy!

Lupe enjoys a ray of sunshine

Janeway stalks her "prey" 

Noodles comes down to say hello 
And make sure everything smells okay...

Archer and Pita get to know eachother

Snuggle Selfie with Moose!

Ravello is relishing the day 
So much to say Pita!

Moose is the sweetest boy

Party in the kittens' condo!
With Archer and Jiji!

Jaime says "the more the merrier!"

Now you're just showing off, Archer

Jiji isn't totally sure how long he wants to party

Lupe caught!

Janeway the model

Welcome back Rita!

Ravello has got to check it allll out 
Pepper kitty!


Lupe is loco!

Bunkbed sisters

Cooper is the silliest

"loooooove meeee!"

Enough sunshine for you Francis?

Bima is a big sweetie-pie

Francis is the cutest ginger boy

Blissful Bima

 Saoirse checks out the view from her condo

LE is just happy to lounge

Francis and Bima work out their differences 
Hi little Cersei!

Sweetest babies!

Thanks for tuning in!
Your Blog Host,