Wednesday, September 29, 2021

September 29th, 2021

September 29th, 2021

It's Hump Day! For your midweek pick-me-up, please enjoy some lovely photos of our sweet guests having a nice, cozy day today. 

Sweet Ani loves her den almost as much as she loves cuddles! She came around and let me give her lots of love between naps today.

Anubis and Azizi have had an exciting day! Anubis kept the condo warm while Azizi did some exploring earlier. Azizi got to hang out with his downstairs neighbor, Fennel, up on top of their condo, too. 

When I went to give Basso some love, he gave me this sweet, low purr of content as he snuggled a little cozier into his den. 

Chip is on an adventure today! She's explored the window seats AND my seat, too! That's okay, she makes for a great coworker. 

Cindy was having a VERY cozy nap earlier... I accidentally woke her up taking photos! She was able to doze off again as soon as I left her alone, so hopefully she won't hold it against me.

Cougar loves some catio time! Whether it's in a cozy cat cabin or up on a shelf birdwatching, it's definitely his favorite place to be. 

Duck hopped out of his condo with a view to sit in the window seat to get a better look at the garden down below. He's a real sweetie that likes the calm environment in the office!

Fennel hung out on top of the condo with her friend Azizi today, while I caught Shibden at the water cooler and had a quick chat before she got back to work exploring.

I can hardly even handle what a cutie Jessica has been today. She's a very low-key gal, keeping things calm and cozy today.

Lillie and Stormy have chosen their "bunks" in their condo! They each have a shelf, Lillie's on the left and Stormy's on the right. They'll sometimes get together and cuddle, but it's nice that they each get their own space, too!

Mia explored the office for a few minutes today! She likes coming back to her den for a warm nap afterwards. We got some quality one on one cuddles too - she sure is sweet!

Miss Daisy had some adventures today! She likes hanging out on the catio, but usually comes inside after a bit to snuggle up and get cozy again.

I can hardly handle the goofy pictures I snapped of Obi today! I especially love the low-quality one of him and Ollie on the shelf together - it just looks like a silly selfie!

Sweet boy Ollie strut his stuff out on the catio today, too. He likes the shelves, but always heads back inside for dinner time like clockwork!

That's our gang for today! We have some new faces joining us as the day continues, so be sure to check in on Friday to see even more sweet babies!



Monday, September 27, 2021

September 27, 2021

 September 27th

Happy Monday, Everyone! 


I hope everyone is having a great start to their week! Our furry friends are beginning their week bright eyed and brushy tailed!  

Ani loves her condo! She is all about the cuddles! It is very hard to get a good photo because she is so active! 

Anubis and Azizi are doing well! Anubis is still busy exploring! He is very curious and is always trying to see what I am up to! Azizi always greets me at the top of stairs and asks for cuddles! 

Basso loves to explore in the morning and napping in the afternoon! He loves the water bowls in the other condos and makes sure to visit them every morning!

Bayley has been napping on this rainy day! She loves a good scratch but loves exploring other cats the beds the best! 

Beanie loves his condo! He loves to be active in the afternoon when everyone else is napping! 

Chip has discovered the window boxes and she loves them! She spent the entire morning in the window box and only came inside for an afternoon morning! 

Cindy is another lover of the window boxes! She goes straight from her condo to the window box and back again! 

Ollie loves to stand in the doorway! He loves to sit just inside the door and just outside the door! He loves the catio! 

Duck decided to spend this rainy day napping in his condo! I love the second photo of him with his little paws crossed! What a gentleman! 

Fennel was another one who decided her condo was the better place to be on this wet day! She briefly went out on the catio this morning and immediately decided it was not for her!

Frankie is heading home today and we will miss her! 

Jessica loves her condo! She is more interested in watching the goings on and napping in her comfy bed! 

Lillie and Stormy have decided on this rainy day to sleep in their condo! They both love looking out the window and chattering to the birds! 

Loki loves to steal my chair! He is most interested in what I am working on at the computer!

Maks found another condo to love! Everyday he tries out a new condo! This is today's favorite!

Mia did some exploring this morning and napping in the afternoon! She loves to greet me as I walk past her condo and loves to snuggle! 

Miss Daisy was out and about today! She loves the catio and especially loves the cat cabins!

Obi is another lover of the catio! He is always ready for his photo shoot! 

Cougar has settled in quickly and loves the cat cabins! 

Shibden has been difficult to get a photo of today! She has been running around exploring all day! 

Tula loves her condo! She is not interested in exploring outside of her condo yet! But she is more than interested in snuggling with her blankets!  

Cat Fun Fact! Spaying and neutering can extend a cat’s life. The Banfield Pet Hospital study found that neutered males live an average of 62 percent longer than unneutered cats and spayed females live an average of 39 percent longer than unspayed cats!

We will see you on Wednesday!