Saturday, September 30, 2023

September 30th, 2023

 September 30th

Cat party!

Archer looking extra handsome today!

Ash just woke up from a nap, look at that cute sleepy face!

Azula coming out to get some pets!

Boba found a cozy spot high up to relax!

Camden and Chelsea are curious kittens who love to play and explore all over!

Clovis is patiently waiting for dinner!

Etta loves the shelf in her condo!

Harvey says hi!

Juni is loving all the attention!

Knickerbocker is all about the cuddles!

Lily has been exploring all over the catio today!

Lucy loves the fresh air!

Luna showing off her catwalk!

Nisa boo catchin' some sun while Momo is catchin' some ZZZ's

Oscar has his eye on a bird!

Puss n' Boots and Bootsie both like to spend their days on the catio!

Percy did lots of exploring today!

Quincy found a cozy heated basket bed!

Mushu and Sammy looking extra cute!

Tito came out to stretch his legs!

Valentin coming over to say hi!

That's all for today,
see you back here on Monday!
-AMK Team

Thursday, September 28, 2023

September 28th, 2023

 September 28th

Happy Thursday!

Archer loves to play with all the kitties, especially Nisa Boo!

Harvey just arrived and is already right at home!

Jasper says "pets please!"

Knickerbocker gets along with everyone, here he is bird watching with Percy!

Sammy explored all over this morning and Mushu found a nice basket to nap in!

Momo and Nisa Boo both love to play!

Oscar is loving the fresh air!

Percy's favorite activity is bird watching! 

Puss n' Boots and Bootsie hanging out in their favorite places on the catio!

Tito is a shy boy but never passes up a good head scratch!

Tony giving us the perfect model shot!

Lily explored this morning, she is a very fluffy and curious kitty!

Lucy has a favorite spot, and it right here on the catio where she can bird watch!

Topher likes to watch all the kitties from his condo!

Valentin gave us some loud purrs this morning!

Azula loves to nap but she got in some good playtime today!

Juni is a sweetie, she loves all the attention!

That's all for today
see you back here on Saturday/Caturday!
-AMK Team