Thursday, March 30, 2023

March 30th, 2023

 March 30th

Happy Thursday!

Marcel is loving all the toys we have!

Vincent is a shy but super sweet love bug, he never passes up chin scritches!

Brio loves to hangout on top of the condos, while Blue prefers the catio!

Ahsoka loves watching everything from high up!

Bazbeaux enjoying the sunshine!

Birdie loves to chat and loves to climb!

DeAndra found a perfect spot in our outdoor heated cabin!

Fergus keeping me company while I clean!

Millie enjoying some head scritches after a filling lunch!

Nisa Boo playing with her best friend Otter, while Momo is sound asleep!

Ollie and Merlin checking out all the high places!

Opal showing of her model shots!

Otter loves to play with Nisa Boo, but also likes his quiet time!

Tommy explored the catio this morning for some sunshine but came back inside for a nap!

Bayley loves to nap and loves to chat!

That's all for today,
see you back here on Saturday/Caturday!
-AMK Team

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

March 28, 2023

 March 28th

It's taco cat Tuesday!
The cats are enjoying the sunshine! 

Fergus enjoying catio time, hoping for some treats

Momo coming in for the head scritches

Nisa Boo catio exploring! 

Ahsoka in her favorite basket

Millie contemplating getting in the window

Vincent chilling in his cubby

Merlin  soaking up the sun and Ollie hanging out at the top of the stairs with the other kitties

Charlie posing on the catio, what a model!

Pikku is exploring today and Runo is chilling in his cubby

Opal coming in for a face sniff and an action shot of catnip playtime

Otter having a chill day exploring other kitty's condos

Aero and Sine spend their time together on the catio, 

bird watching and taking in the sun

Pixel says "did you see that jump!" as he watches Nisa Boo 

Birdie is exploring everywhere! She likes the catio and the top of the stairs. 

We will see you Thursday 03/30!