Sunday, October 31, 2021

October 31st, 2021

 October 31st, 2021

Happy Halloween, friends!! Our kitties hanging out with us today are sure a treat to be around, no tricks about it. Let's see what they've done today!

Schatzi has become such good friends with so many kitties! He has become very social - it's lovely to have him around!

Pugsley and Wednesday are doing great! They took a few days to warm up, but now Pugsley is rolling around in his bed and Wednesday is taking some (quite silly) face down naps. Sweet babies!

Patrick is having a blast bouncing around the cattery, seeing everything there is to see!

Oreo and Panther are quite different in personality - Oreo tends to keep himself cozy in their den while Panther got some fresh air out on the catio today. Both boys have been lovely guests though!

Obi has always been a super friendly guy, and it seems like he's gotten to be buddies with Gidget today! She's really made her rounds today.

Lila found a warm and cozy spot up on top of the condos today! She's enjoyed watching the other kitties play around the office. She's a real sweetie!

Gidget was full of enthusiasm today! She explored every nook and cranny in the cattery. She made friends with just about everyone! It's always nice to have a social butterfly around to break the ice.

Celine made a few friends today, too! She warmed up in no time and has been keeping her den cozy in between exploration sessions. 

Beesly loves hanging out on the catio. Fresh air and beautiful skies, it's a lovely fall day and Beesly is ready to enjoy it!

Basso explored his fair share today, too! He started out on the catio, then hung around the top of the stairs for a bit before settling into his condo for a cozy nap.

Astro and Nova had a blast today! They've been exploring and making friends all day. While they're still a little nervous sometimes, they're really getting comfortable around us!

Apollo has been the best bud a shy kitty could ask for - Oliver doesn't love attention most of the time, but Apollo makes for a great cuddle buddy. These two spent most of their day together, taking naps and watching what the other kitties were up to. 

Martin gave me some sweet little cuddles this morning, after a thorough investigative sniff. He likes to keep to himself, but he's always happy for a little snuggle to keep him cozy. 

Miso is still figuring out how things work around here! She's getting more curious and braver by the day. So far, she really likes her condo - it's always good to have a safe space to head back to. I think she'll be exploring in no time!

And last but not least we have Petunia! Petunia's nickname is Tuna Cat, which I think is just adorable. She's been loving life, cuddled up in her condo today. She likes watching what the other cats are doing.

Overall, we've had a fantastic Halloween today! I hope everyone has had a festive and fun weekend! 👻💖


Friday, October 29, 2021

October 29, 2021

 October 29th

Happy Friday, Everyone!

Our furry friends are gearing up for the holiday weekend! 

Martin was up for some snuggles this morning!  We were both startled by the camera flash! Afterwards, he went off to explore! His favorite place is still the closet but he makes sure to come back in time for nap time!

Zelda is relaxing at the top of the stairs! She is always sure to let us know when it is time for some scratches and snuggles! 

Pugsley and Wednesday are doing well! We moved them back together to see how they would do! So far, so good! 

Oliver is settling in well! He loves his condo and his basket! He has not been super interested in exploring outside but he will never say no to cuddling! 

Obi has been making a lot of new friends today! He was sad to see Juniper head home this morning! 

When Obi is not hanging with new friends, he is chilling in the catio!

Miso loves her condo! She is settling in well! She has not been very interested in leaving her condo yet but she loves snuggling down with her bed and blankets!

Schatzi is such a sweet man! He has really opened up and has been very playful!

Schatzi and Lilly have become great friends! They are always playing together and running after one another! 

Lilly is an other sweetie! Her three favorite things are snuggling, napping, and playing with Schatzi!

Lila had discovered the tops of the condos! And she loves it! I am not sure if she is ever want to come down! 

Groot and Thor both love to explore! They have been everywhere today! They are both very sweet! 

Gidget has made a new friend! They are new BFFs!

When Gidget is not hanging out with her new bestie! She is being the most cuddly!

Cheeto has become very comfortable and discovered that he loves to explore! He loves finding new places to find in! 

Beesly is his usually wild and active self! He is a very nosy critter! He always has to see what everyone else is up to! 

Astro and Nova have started to explore a little! They are very interested in exploring in the morning but they make sure to head back to their condos for afternoon naps! 

Every morning, Apollo comes down for his morning cuddle and plays with me! In the afternoon, he retreats to the top of the condos for a well deserved nap! 

Cat Fun Facts! Meowing is a behavior that cats developed exclusively to communicate with people!

See you all on Sunday!