Monday, November 27, 2023

November 27, 2023

 Nov 27th

We hope everyone had some great foods over this holiday weekend!

Gambo and Gogo say what is this catnip stuff?

Nala loves some pets

Kevin getting in on the feather toy action

Obi is super playful, he likes the catnip too

Azula came out for some brushing and to hang out

Jubilee doesn't want to let any of the other
 cats to know this bed is heated

Noodles nibbling on some catnip and coming in for some pets

Murlyn says this catnip is nice

Nisa  hanging out on the catio 
and Momo being brave this visit to come out for pets 

Baker, Casey and Kyrie are all strutting around their areas!

We will see you all on Wednesday!

-AMK Team

Saturday, November 25, 2023

November 25, 2023

 Nov 25

Happy Saturday Everyone! 

Gambo and Gogo love some attention

Nala and Luna hanging out together

Dexter enjoying a treat and Portia cozy on top of the condos

Charlie G loves to play

Watson cozy in a cubby

Charlie M watching the birds from the catio

Bonnie likes to stay cozy while Clyde likes to explore

Waimea likes a little treat

Roxanne getting some pets from our cat wrangler

Kevin likes some people time

Obi posing on the cat tree

Petunia spending some time on the catio

Almond found a cozy place

Azula is a princess

Jubilee loves a cozy bed

Noodle's fave place is a warm cabin

Jules enjoying a roll on the top of the condos

Cairo giving a good pose

Murlyn staying cozy

Nisa exploring and Momo napping

Harvey explores all the spots

Boris and Clyde hanging out

Alice loves some pets

Apollo staying cozy and enjoying a treat

Casey coming out for some pets, 
Kyrie loves a good cubbie, 
and Baker trying a treat

Rori saying hello! 

We will see you Monday! 
-AMK Team