Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May 29th

Memorial Day kitties have all gone home but we still have oodles of photos for you.

 Twyla actually came down from her condo top to cuddle up to these pillows.

 "Dinner was lip smacking good," she says.

 What's this?

 Twyla is surrounded by her favorite toys.

 Fraggle looks like an owl with those big golden eyes.

 Maggie is having a great time batting at this mouse on a string toy.

 Molly is not impressed.

 Lady Penelope thinks it's hysterical.

 OK, get ready for the pounce.

Just a couple more whacks.

 Teddy and Bentley like hanging out together on the cat tree. 

 Chlose cleans up after her dinner.

 Chomp, chomp, chomp.  I hope those aren't fleas Chloe.

 Nope, Chloe is a clean, flea free girl.

 Aussie demonstrates a little drop and roll for us.


 Bentley has a try at the drop and roll too.

 Chloe sharpening up.

 Aussie dreaming of a great yard escape.

 Social hour.

 Oh my, all the kitties are dropping and rolling.  Now it's Chloe's turn.

And more sharpening.

Would you like a little catmint Chloe?

And more socializing. 

 New kitties Sam and Bonnie are just settling in.

 This is pretty cute of Poppy.

 Her roommate Smeagol likes the comfort of his cat carrier.

 The feather toy comes out for Vivian.

 Chew, chew, chew.

There won't be much left of it after she's done with it.

 Mittens, are you protecting that little piece of kibble there?


That's all folks.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day at All My Kitties

Memorial Day at All My Kitties

 Stella spy's on kitties from under the office chair.

 She takes a quick look outside.

 "Hey, I think it's raining out there.  I'm not going out."

 Gomez adds to the many kitty cat scratches on my leather office chair. Just be glad it's not at your house.

 Then he just decides to take a nap.

 Coco is really a night time kitty.  She sleeps all day but at night she comes out and goes kind of wild.

 Yuki is just checking out everything and everywhere.  

 Hanah looks at me with her big eyes.

 Molly checking out the cat action from on top a condo.

 Marilyn shows off for the camera.

 Lulu and Rosabelle have similar coloring. This is Lulu.

 This is Rosabelle.

 Lulu assures me she is not Rosabelle.

 Bentley hides out in the heated cat cabin today.

 Istra is letting everyone know she has just arrived and she's boss, or though she thinks.

 Jessica looks like my garden cat statue.

 Masked man...I mean girl, Maggie.

 You're looking too adorable Yuki, or are you Hanah?

 Mr. T is such an inquisitive young kitty.  He's very friendly.

 The feather toy comes out to get these kitties movin'.

 Oh for goodness sake Chloe, you can make more effort than that.

That's a girl.

Get it!

 Well, she got one leg out of the basket but that's about it. Actually she likes to run around the cattery, but not when I bring out the camera.  

 Poppy has taken over the cat veranda.

 And Gomez has taken over my desk.

 Twyla is making big steps this second day.  At least she's not hissing at me.

 You're just too cute Coco.

 And so are you Marilyn.

 Aussie just can't be bothered with the riffraff of the cattery.  He lives on a houseboat with a lovely view of downtown Seattle and Lake Union and well, this just isn't the same.  

 Lulu coming up the stairs to explore.

 But she has to stop for a second to pose for my camera.

 Teddy is one hairy kitty.  He has a very thick undercoat.  I can't imagine what the chairs at his house must look like.

 Will help you out Teddy with a little brushing.  HE LOVES IT!

 Lady Penelope is just cuddled up in her cozy warm basket

 Smeagol is kind of shy but I'm sure she'll come out in a day or two.

 Stand off with Bella, Gomez, and Poppy.  All cool.

 Poppy is a really sweet girl.

 Molly zenning out to classical music today.

 "You talking about me?"

Yes Molly.  We're just telling everyone how cute you are.

Until next time.  Have a good day.