Saturday, June 22, 2024

June 22, 2024

 June 22nd

Happy Saturday!

Wawa loving some attention on the catio

Fig looking regal while bird watching

Casper ready for his close up and 
getting special time with our handlers

Star coming in for their close up 
and hanging out with their bestie

Luna is out exploring all the high up spots

Dinah likes her cubby and treat time

Puss N Boots staying cozy on the catio

Teddy watchin all the kitties from up high

Millie getting some time with the cat handler

Mittens soaking up some sun 
and exploring the sink

Cinnamon napping after some playtime

Pepper soaking in the sun and playtime on the catio

Hana and Yuki know all the cozy spots

Juno has found a high up spot where 
she likes to nap and watch the other cats

Duncan prefers to stay upstairs and Lily 
explored a little today before returning to their cozy spot

Toots likes the view from the top shelf
 and Waffles is out exploring today

Bert staying cozy at the top of the stairs, 
while Jett is on his favorite shelf on the catio

Mika lounging in a catio basket

Bunny wants to know why I woke her up 
and Hugo is loving some playtime

Opal enjoying the catio today

Turlough is out exploring today!

Beatrice is still warming but likes watching from her condo shelf

Laroo is sleepy in the window box

Chutney likes the window view from his condo

Waffles settling in to her favorite shelf

Bernie likes bird watching from the catio shelves

We will see you Monday! 
-AMK Team