Wednesday, August 10, 2022

 Happy Wednesday, everyone! 

Our furry friends are enjoying a rainy day!

Archie is a catio exploring pro. He knows his way around!

Audrey is a sitting pretty in her kitty casa!

Bailey says "Who is this?" 

Chef is king of the top of the condos! 

It's one of his favorite places to hang out!

Chloe is always knows where the heated beds are! 
She loves to stay warm. 

Cinder has learned from Chef that the tops of condos are primo watching areas! 

Hana and Yuki are big fans of attention and spending time with each other. 

Jessica say "Hello down there!"

Kuro finds all the best catio hiding spots. 

Noko would like to know if you may have any treats?

Prince Jam is a looking dapper in his basket today!

Sven and Meow Meow aren't afraid to spend a little time apart while Meow Meow naps and Sven is always in motion (Sorry about the blurry photo!)

Tobis says "Could I get a little attention?"

Will is exploring while Leo would like more pats and chin scritches!

Roxanne is happy to be back! She loves meeting new friends!

Shaggy is not sure if he likes the catio in the rain! He is sad that he got wet!

Cat Fun Fact: Cats have 230 bones, while humans only have 206!

That is all for today! We will see you on Friday! 


The AMK Team

Monday, August 8, 2022

August 8, 2022

 August 8th 

Happy Monday everyone! Hope your week has started off well! Our kitty cats are enjoying the warm weather! 

Tobic is king of the stair case! Pay your tolls in cuddles! 

Taco enjoying the view

Meow Meow relaxing in her basket. 
Sven enjoying time in the window, exploring the office!

Prince Jammy stretching out in the AC!

Noco waiting for those treats! 

Millie is having her after lunch nap, how dare we wake her up!

Leo enjoying pets from the team!
Will says "but I am the toll master!"

Kuro is always on the move!

Jessica is mellow, enjoying the AC on top of the condo!

Hana and Yuki enjoying visiting other condo's baskets!

Cinder watching from above!

Chloe claiming her spot! 

Chef gives his approval to the window seat!

Archie posing for the camera! 

We will see you all on Wednesday!

Saturday, August 6, 2022

August 6, 2022

 August 6

Happy Caturday + Seafair! The kitties have been listening to and watching the Blue Angels soar through the sky...

maybe some of them are dreaming of becoming paw-lots🐾

Archie was good and ready to get out of his condo this morning, singing me a nice little meowlody. He settled into a window bed + he was content!

Leo + Will in their usual hangout spots comfy as ever!

Marvin loves his naps!

Juno who is usually the first one to hop out of the condos in the morning, decided to hit the mew-ze button and catch some extra Z's!

Zelda loves her hidey-bed and really blends in, sometimes you cant even see her!

Oontz likes to hop around on the top of the condos but today has decided to explore the catio!

Chef has really been enjoying visiting Juno's condo. It was a party in there this mewoning!

Mittens has been napping on the catio most of the day and has made a new friend!

Archie was hamming it up, he even demanded that I hold him immediately but with the sweetest meow!

Napa is a sweetie, she loves attention!

Chip is reaching for a paw-bump!

Kuro has found a purrrfect spot by the window for some sunbathing!

Taco came out today and took to bird watching!

Clovis was enjoying the quiet and cool of his own condo!

Chloe made herself the coziest pillow by re-arranging one of the rugs!

Hana + Yuki were enjoying prime views at the top of the condos, but separate condos! They didn't mind the photo-op or some pets!

Millie loves her naps and loves her food, she knows exactly when its time for dinner and hops right in her condo!

Noco is still adjusting but has stayed cozy in her condo!

Albi is super chatty, she's not afraid to voice her opinion!

Cinder is still settling in and making himself comfortable, he had a few fellow kitties welcome him this morning and is doing just fine!

Oatmeal Cookie just arrived and is still getting comfortable with all the new cats and smells but has been content in her condo!

Tobic has been on the move exploring every inch of the cattery!

Cat Fact: Each cat’s nose print is unique, much like human fingerprints.

That's all for today, we will see you all on Monday!


-AMK Team