Monday, November 30, 2020

November 30, 2020

 November 30, 2020

We're starting to feel the holiday spirit here at All My Kitties! We've got the tree up and the lights on and are here to spread some cheer to all your furry friends!

It was a bit of a quieter day here after the Thanksgiving rush and before the winter holidays start. Our guests did a lot of lounging in the quieter atmosphere!

Tillamook enjoyed one of our basket dens for his napping today!

Hobbes also loves our basket dens and got some good sun bathing through the window in today!

Mona also got some peaceful rest in after her daily stretches!

Shaggy chose to hang out with Mona in her condo and also spent the day chilling!

Nando prefers the top of the condo for his napping!

And Millie's favorite spot is under the desk in our office!

Some of our customers are a little more active! We love how vocal Susie is in letting us know she wants some attention!

Minerva got some exploring in today in between petting sessions!

Sister Artemis prefers to stay hidden, and looked super adorable poking out of this basket!

Harvey has also been doing some exploring! He's probably our fluffiest customer right now!

Gulliver split his time between exploring and lounging today, and always comes out of his condo for some pets!

Fennel and Shibden did a lot of playing today! Here they are playing through the top of the condo!

Chewy and I got some lap time and enjoyed the sun out on the catio today!

And then finally the brother sister duo Archer and Janeway are always together when they come out to say hi!

That's it for today folks! Hope you have a purrrfect night!


Friday, November 27, 2020

November 27, 2020

November 27, 2020

Lots of playing hard, napping hard, and enjoying the sun in the post-Thanksgiving glow here today at All My Kitties!

Apollo chose to spend the day curled up in one of our cozy dens!

Archer and Janeway mostly hang out in their condo, but came out to say hi and get some sniffs and head rubs in!

Chewy likes to follow me around and also likes to lounge out on the catio in the sunshine!

Dolly has been getting her naps in and likes to switch up which bed she wants to curl up in!

Fennel and Shibden had a lot of fun playing and chasing after the peacock wand today!

Gulliver has been getting some exploration time, and enjoyed laying amongst all our toy options today!

Harvey enjoyed some pets in the sunshine and also enjoyed one of our outdoor heated dens today!

Maxwell has been venturing out and showing our toys who's boss!

Millie loves to get some laptime in when I'm at the computer answering emails!

Nando also helps me at the desk, today with filing (although he's sleeping on the job!)

Newcomers Artemis and Minerva are a little unsure about us, but Minerva is already ready to explore her condo and the cattery!

Mona showed off her belly and got some good lounging on top of her den in today!

Phil enjoyed the sun coming through the windows and loves to stand up and come forward for some pets!

Riga enjoyed the sun out on the catio and loves to meow at me for more attention!

Roxy prefers to stay in her den and nap through the day!

Shaggy got lots of good chin and ear scratches in with me today!

And our newest guest Susie is still settling in and has been talking and getting head scratches with me!

That's it for today, folks! Hope you have a purrfect day!