Sunday, June 30, 2024

June 30, 2024

 June 30th

Happy Sunday!

The cats are enjoying a lot of nap time on the overcast day we have today!

Hana and Yuki staying cozy in their fave places

Burritzio hanging out with Boris

Sophie on her favorite shelf

Becky enjoying the catio

Dinah is reserved but will wake up for pets

Boris hanging with all the cats on the cat tree

Babka napping after some bird watching

Juno is on a catio mission

Bert and Jett giving us cute poses

Laptop is staying cozy on this grey day

Cocoa in her favorite cabin

Archie coming in for his close up

Millie loves the pets!

Mao getting some pets as well!

Boba and Koko are becoming besties

Maya letting us now she likes the high shelf

Koko explores all the areas!

Gus getting ahold of some fresh catnip!

Toots and Waffles have differnet ideas of comfy

Zuli says "hey I am sleeping here"

Waffles hanging out with Jett

Luna found some catnip

Quinn bird watching from the window and hanging out with Yuki

Celia debating the meaning of life on the catio

Cousteau and Shackleton 
both found some comfy catio spots

Wawa is so pretty!

We will see you Tuesday! 
-AMK Team

Friday, June 28, 2024

June 28, 2024

 June 28th

This is the most popular 
morning bird watching spot!

Happy Friday!

Wawa says "bird watching is exhausting"

Puss n Boots loves catnip mornings

Dinah likes to stay cozy and watch the activity of the room

Millie getting some time with fresh catnip!

Pepper spending time on the catio

Hana enjoying some catnip and 
Yuki loving some pets

Juno getting some pets and 
sleeping in her favorite highup place

Bert and Jett finding their favorite spots

Toots exploring and Waffles stealing Toot's bed

Mika wants to know why we woke her up

Waffles birding watching on the catio

Bernie isn't so sure about this catnip business

Burritzio out exploring

Mao says "fresh catnip is awesome"

Azula likes the new cubby

Boris napping after breakfast

Babka lounging in the window

Cocoa loves the heated cabins

Boba being silly after some catnip

Laptop exploring all the spots

Shackleton exploring and enjoying catnip. 
Cousteau giving a regal pose on the catio

Sophie found her favorite spot on the catio

Quinn has warmed up to exploring and playing!

Goldie, Lenny and Louis out exploring all the places!

Becky enjoying the catio and some catnip. 

Archie napping after some catnip time

Maya found a cozy corner on the catio

Koko enjoying a some catnip and 
watching over the other cats

Celia has found her favorite catio spot.

We will see you all Sunday!

-AMK Team