Monday, April 30, 2012

Parson can make it feel like Halloween any time of year!

Agent Orange looks out from his secret spy-pod.

Kayly sticks her tongue out at me.

Then, at Agent Orange.  He is not amused.

This new kitty Sabrina could be Sally's twin sister!

Agent Orange goes out for a drink.

Nefertiti has the best seat in the house!

This crazy Cookie kitten is so floppy and fun to play with!

She tries to pounce on Taiko, but fails to notice she is behind a mesh wall!

Jackson lives it up in the lap of luxury.

Taiko noticed the floors are heated.

Ms. Wilson reaches a paw out to me!

Tana gives Taiko the evil eye.

Eru enjoys a brief spot of sunshine.

Taiko goes out to join his brother.

I wish I could trade places with Kashi!  A heated bed outdoors in slightly chilly weather... that sounds cozier than cozy!

Crook likes he scratch lounge.

Zoe likes the most secluded corners.

Josie is actually awake.  She just ALWAYS closes her eyes for photos.

Here's Parson again... still grumpy!

Nefertiti relinquished the office chair when she saw the window box was free.

Smudge is intrigued, but not quite enough to leave her warm seclusion.

Sally gets the executive chair.

Here's Sabrina again.  A shocking resemblance, eh?

Kayly is a cute and playful kitty.

Rusty is a sweet guy.  He's so nice to everyone!

Come see us again soon!
Your blog host,

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Office Cats

Here's Cordelia, lookin' snazzy in her new Lion Suit.

Agent Orange loves his pod!

Rusty comes in from a refreshing balcony snooze.

Mannie chills out on the condo top.

Nefi is so picturesque.

Owen and Alex are brothers.

Could you tell?

Kitty B. should have put up her "Do Not Disturb" sign.  The paparazzi* caught her napping.

Smudge looks sly.  What a cutie face!

Sometimes I'm just overwhelmed with all the cuteness.  Cute overload!
This is a new kitty: Sally.

She came with Kayly, who has found a nice tiny spot to squeeze into.  :)

Rusty conks out after a long day of eating, sunbathing, and being petted.

Your kitties get the finest treatment at All My Kitties.

See you next time!
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Friday, April 27, 2012

Tiger is steppin' out!

Artie is staying in.

Josie is catching a head-rub on a conveniently located basket.

She always blinks for photos!

Cookie is a wild thang!

Kashi is too, but you wouldn't know it by this photo.

Chili waits backstage for the curtain to rise... obviously worrying he won't remember his lines!

Huxley has a nice big basket all to himself.

His housemate, Ms. Wilson prefers the soft and cozy cat tent.

Taiko is another basket case!  :)

Tana gives me the stare-down.

Roo is a blur of activity.

And a cute one, at that!

Mittens reeeeaaallly likes having her chin scratched.  I never cease to be amazed by those mile-long whiskers!

Larry spots me...

And he does his best "pet me" act.
You win this round, Larry!  How can I resist?  (Why would I?)

Eru feels the noontime vibe and joins in the siesta.

Zoe watches Mount Rainier.

Pancho was watching the mountain, too, until he heard the photographer was around.

"OK, everybody look at each other..."

"Now look away." 
"Great job!"

Crook is on a mission!

To get back to his condo.  What a charming smile!

It's so fun hanging out with all these sweet kitties.
I hope you've enjoyed the photos!

See you next time!
Your blog host,