Friday, September 28, 2012

Sep 27th & 28th

 Aw, Maverick rolling over for us

Indy we know how much you love that outside bed

Maverick manages to turn just about anything into a scratcher

We caught Sophia gazing outside 

Totes seemed a little confused by the camera 

Isn't Solomon just precious?

Maverick and Foxy love hanging out just about anywhere... 

Zeus wanted to say hi :)

Mary showing off for the camera 

Maria rolling over for some TLC

Buzz in his absolute favorite nap spot 

Totes has no problem finding a place to rest

Rusty the sweetheart

Caught Vinnie napping in a cabin

Look at the precious white whiskers on Lady P

Aw there's Chief, already waiting for his treat

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

September 25th

 Mary waking up from a cat nap

 And then having a stretch...

 Isis found his new home 
Totes loves climbing the outdoor cat tree

Maverick seemed quite interested by the camera

Juliana takes the cutest naps

Maverick loves that mouse toy

Vinny hanging out outside 

We might have woken up Buzz...

Rusty hanging out on the book shelf 

Mary adores the camera

Maria found a cozy spot to doze off

Foxy loves getting to the highest hide outs 

Foxy was ready for the camera this time

We caught Sophia taking a nap in her favorite spot
Chief does let the camera keep him from his sleep.

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Monday, September 17, 2012

 Juan taking an afternoon snooze.

 Sam likes to lounge on the outside carpet.

 I didn't mean to wake you Lopo.

 Marley hanging out in the outdoor cat cabin.
 Frank enjoying the outdoors too.

 Scully loves the outdoors but sister Pumpkin is sleeping inside in her basket.  What sweet kitties.
 Boo, you look like a Sphinx.  

 Pablo has been a purrfect guest.

 Jazz loves to be baby talked. 

 Parson is enjoying a little baby talk too.

 Elvira was a little shy at first, but she has really come out of her shell.

 She loves to play with this simple toy her "people" brought with her.

That's All Folks.

Marie & Justyna.