Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I just couldn't help myself...

Here's Domino, Marie's cat, who alerted me to her presence on TOP of the outside window boxes by meowing at the window. How did you get all the way up there, Domino?

What a strange-one, that cat!

Guest Post: Maddie!

Hi all! I'm standing in for a couple days this week and I thought I'd make a blog post for old time's sake!

Hey Parson.


Hello again, Parson.

Oh my!
Even for your harsh demeanor, I know you've missed me.

Rusty is a snuggle bug!

Spike fits perfectly.

Butch agrees it's a cozy kind of day.

Malcolm, does, too! And no wonder-- he's got no fur coat!

Miss Lucy gives so many kisses!

She's looking a little rumpled here, after all the head butts.

Muffin meows!

She wants some attention, too!

The girls have banded together, although I'm not sure Muffin is aware...

Babs watches us carefully. She has an all-knowing look about her gaze, eh?

It has been so nice to hang out with all your kitties again for a little while!

Your host,

Sunday, October 28, 2012

October 28

Millie :)

Junebug being precious as always. 

Muffin, Chloe and Clive all bonding 

Pretty accurate photo for Pheonix's awesome personality 

Babs! Talking away in every photo nothing surprising here

Talking Coco

Distracted Coco

Yes this is just one photo, Clive and Chloe were having a sibling moment sharing the bookshelf 


It wasn't until this photo of Spike was uploaded did we find Butch sneaking into the photo in the background 

Rusty! Loving that outdoor window seat

Thursday, October 25, 2012

October 25th

Mink LOVES the new scratch post

Malcolm :) just an awesome personality you forget he's a cat sometimes

Sophie :)

Annabelle, by far the sweetest kitten

Muffin! Speaks for herself 

Coco :)

Babs, our talking kitty

Lulu smiling :)

Caught Lola spying with those big blue eyes

Not surprised our two most talkative kitties are friends

Piper making use of the scratch post

Lucy :)

How can you not adore this kitten?

Caught red handed in the mail box

Lucy ready to pounce on a toy

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

October 23rd

Could Sophie be any cuter?


Annabelle really is as sweet as she looks 


Lucy was waiting right outside the door for me, so precious 

Neo :)

New friends! Lucy and Aziza 

Lulu and that's Lola right below

Gracie! Not surprising that she was talking in every other photo

Jazzmine! Someone always manages  to make the funniest little expressions

Piper! Showing us that's her cabin

Every day Agent Orange likes to show me that my desk chair is really his.