Friday, June 28, 2013

Wow, in one day it's Summer.

I was told not to post too many pictures because it would be boring.
Well I'm sorry folks, your kitties are just too darn cute, so here we go:

 Lola loves to go outside in the window veranda.

 From her post she can see birds, trees, Lake Washington, traffic on I-90, and Mt. Rainier.

 Cleo perched herself high in the shelves.

 Lola just hanging out.

 Millie likes her condo, but I'm not sure if she likes the other kitties.

 Except for her sister Lucy who she LOVES.

 New cat Fred (above) is like a mirror image of Venus (below).

 Koa peeking out his window.

Wow, I've never seen such a little cat eat so much as Frankie.

 "More please."

 Fraggle waiting for a new family to discover how wonderful he is.

 I brought some fresh catnip from the garden in and, well, it looks like we have a couple drunken sailors.

 Eli gets a kind of glazed look in his eyes.

 Mojo toughening up.

 And then our boy Bentley whose mom is a nurse up in Nome Alaska.  "Hi Mom!"

Setting enjoying the beautiful hot day.

 Tenzing plays king of the cabin.

 Neddie on top of her perch again.

Sweet girl until.....

 I might be smiling here, but believe me Neddie's nails are stuck in my back holding on for dear life.  Hey I didn't ask her to jump on my head.

 Puss N'Boots is such a lounge lizard.

 He's keeping Flo company right below him.

 Right below Flo is newcomer Grace.  Actually she's been here before.

 Jessica squinting at the flash.

 PI just came in today too, but has settled right down on his favorite perch.

 I shouldn't waste valuable blog space on my cat Charles, but he is just so photogenic.  

 Here's Millie.

 Sweet Zezou always has a smile.

 Charles again.

 Time to unplug all the heating pads.  Summer is finally here.

 Juneau and Tenzing.

 Frankie looking for something interesting in the garden.

 Stanley is such an handsome guy.

 Settie is being polite and letting Fraggle play with the toy first.  "No you go first."

 More of Fraggle yearning for a real home with people of his own.


 Chewie kind of likes to hide.  That's normal for him.

 Grace again.

 Fred has quickly discovered the outdoor window veranda.

 OK, we know you're the princess Lola.

 Oh dear, I better clean those windows.

 Koa taking a peek out of the window veranda himself.

 Time for a cat nap.

Bella can't believe how big that hairball was that she just hacked up.  Yes, Bella, and I had to clean it up myself.  Thanks a lot.  

I hope you weren't too bored.  Thank you for all your emails asking to see more.  Back in a couple days with more. =^..^=