Thursday, January 30, 2014


 Baby is our cover girl for our Facebook page today. 


 Bela could be a cover girl too with those big blue eyes of hers.
She's loving the heated cat cabin outside. 

Hey Frankie, you're a little too close to the camera.

 Edgar is showing us all his fast moves.

 Whose this coming through the cat door?

 Why it's Cougar!

 We're bringing out our blue and green and Babs is in the game.

 Chomp, chomp, chomp.

She's ferocious!  

Here's a Seahawk fan whose people are actually going to the Super Bowl.  But Sierra will staying home with us to watch the game on TV. 

Jackson has no idea what's in store for him next.

Surpise!!!  It's Seahawks dress up week!!! Jackson's people are also going to the Super Bowl.  

 Ace says, "I'm glad I'm moving to Portland."  Ah, we'll miss you sweet boy.

Azule is moving to Portland too.  Bye bye my friends.

Rosalyn thinks I'm going to take her from the comfort of her heated outdoor basket. ' I'm just taking your picture Rosalyn.  You can stay out until dinner time.'

 Our creative Allison is working on a project for our next Facebook page, but you lucky people can get a sneak peak here.


My cat Shiloh is all ready for the game.  Does he remind you of anyone?

Hester can't be bothered with all this foolishness.  She'll just hang out on my chair for today.


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Your blog host - Marie

Sunday, January 26, 2014

January 26

Lucy and Baby getting some rest.

Sophia and Teddy just can't get enough attention.

Sophia looks like she's up to trouble.

How am I supposed to get anything done with these two around? I just want to spend the whole day hanging out with them.

Something smells interesting!

Jaime is such a gorgeous and sweet kitty!

Edgar standing guard. 

Is someone up there Bela?

Now Edgar's peeking down at his brother.

Is there someone down there Frankie?

Cougar loves these outdoor kitty cabins.

Hope you all had a good weekend!
Your blog host - Ellen

Thursday, January 23, 2014

January 23rd

Uh oh, watch out for these two!

Lenez enjoying her room with a view.

Molly is just loving these ear rubs!

Jamie looks so pleased with her treats!

High paw! Teddy is just too cute.

Bela staying out of the cold in his cozy bed.

Edgar made a sandwich out of himself! He looks pretty comfy though.

Frankie doesn't care that it's cold, she loves the outside.

Sophie wanted to see what Frankie was so excited about out here.

Rosalyn ventured out of her condo for a little bit but likes the comfort of her condo much better.

Baby has discovered the kitty hut and loves it.

Lucy being her gorgeous self as usual.

Happy Thursday!
Your blog host - Ellen

Monday, January 20, 2014

January 20th

Lucy is always there to greet us from on top of the condos when we come in!

Leo is a master of poses

Gilda, sittin' pretty

Baby is there to help Lucy keep watch from the condo tops

Some cats wonder what life is about, some cats just like to roll around in the sun

Millie is pretty happy about how warm it's getting outside

Jamie and Sophie just arrived to All My Kitties this morning, so they're inside settling in

Esmeralda was, as always, all over the place

Molly likes to stay put, but LeNez likes to knock things over

Ace and Jessica are both big fans of the cat tree