Sunday, August 31, 2014

Abbott and Costello

Did you see all the fun photos of our kitties from yesterday?  If you missed them check out out our blog by clicking on this link:  Maybe you'll see someone you know.  

Since 2009 I've been taking care of these two big characters, Abbott and Costello.  Sadly their living situation has changed and they need to find new forever homes together.  If you know anyone looking for two huge, lovable, big fluff balls, please let All My Kitties know.  They are 13 year's old and would be sad if they didn't live together.  If I didn't already have four kitties and one dog of my own, I would snatch these two up in an instant.  Please consider these two, or pass this on to your friends.  

Please find a home for these two gentle giants.  Thank you.  Send us an email to for more information. 

Saturday, August 30, 2014

August 30th

Crazy Busy!!!
We have so many cats here today! The blog was a little rushed on time, so we're doing without most of the captions, but you all know who your sweethearts are and you'll find them here!

Shout-out to Aussie's parents, who wanted to see few extra of him! So Sweet!Always feel welcome to ask for a more of your cat, we know how it is to miss your favorite feline friend!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

August 28th

Harper almost looks like she's in the jungle

Cinnamon is just the cutest thing! and she's super friendly

Twyla looking pretty laid back

Kona is usually out and about running around the office but she decided to take a nap

Pippin aren't you just so handsome!!

Gorgeous Mimi hanging out in her carrier.

Mitchell is being soo cute. He was rolling around in the tent trying to catch my eye.
Grizzy camped out on this comfy pillow
Sabrina hanging out in bed

Gabby is too cute, look at her eyes!

Jack peeking out of his bed

Ferby has such gorgeous markings
This happens every time I walk by Alice. She's always ready for some cuddles!

Checkers being adorable

Pumpkin settled into another kitties condo =)

Severus all tucked into bed

Heckate found a place to get away from the heat

Niko is so curious!
Checkers investigating new kitten Shirley

She's sooo cute!

Bear being adorable and ready to play

Ranger is such an adventurous kitty

Pixel perched up by the door

Samantha split into two! Oh no!
How cute is this kitten though?

Big brother Ranger showing Shirley the ins and outs of the cat tree

Lopo snoozing away outside

Tiger Bird always comes running when he sees the camera

Sam chilling outside

Mia looks pretty happy

Frank just being Frank
Samantha just has the most gorgeous markings. 

Silly Shirley

Checkers always has a lot to tell me about. Such an interesting guy

Sweet little Jessica.

Your blog host - Ellen