Thursday, April 30, 2015

April 30th 2015


Birthday Girl Luna is excited for her special day!  


Here comes the tuna cake with crunchy treats topping!  

C'mon, Luna! Blow out the candles!

All the party guests have arrived just in time for a piece of tuna cake.

Nyar is a fan.

Frankie won't settle for anything less than a chocolate mousse.

Yana says tuna filling can't be beat!

Both demand seconds.

Stanley seems to be enjoying himself.  

Rosabelle loves a party!  

Mittens eyes light up at the smell of TUNA!

Chloe came to join the party too!  

Tiger watches the revelry from above but isn't interested in any cake today.  

Now for the kitties who weren't in attendance of today's party due to busy nap schedules or dietary restrictions...
Scud has been playing secretary on our office desk all afternoon.  

Mia has found a nice spot to nap on the window box.  

Ruthie only arrived a few hours ago and she's remarkably well-adjusted to her new surroundings.  

Luca is doing really well for a first timer!  

Vincent is a love dove!  

Thanks for celebrating with us!

Your blog host,


Monday, April 27, 2015

April 27th 2015

Kitties are enjoying another beautiful sunny day at the cattery!

Here's Luna Kitten with eyes like dinner plates!

Nyar sticks out her paw in greeting.  

Peek-a-boo, Frank!  I see you in your cabin!  

Max is on the prowl again.  

Achilles has found himself a nice high-up perch to watch the clouds roll by.  

Yana on her favorite sunny shelf. 

Vincent is the sweetest little guy!  

Chloe always strides out of her napping spot to say "hello."  

Tiger is a cat who loves his condo.  

Rosabelle is using her powers of camouflage to blend in with her blanket. 

Pretty Oka is a chatty girl! She's got a lot to say!

Lopo loves to lounge.  

Purr-c is quite the precocious kitten!  We moved him and his sister downstairs because the two of them were bouncing off the walls (and off of us too!)

Thanks for checking us out!  

You're blog host,


Saturday, April 25, 2015

April 25th

Oh hello Miss Oka

Vincent is just a little sweetheart!

Lily looks pretty comfy here in her bed

We have another Tiger here! And what a great guy he is

Oh it looks like a woke up Minka in a surprise!

Chloe and Caruso, making friends the way cats do

Why are you so sweet Max?

Frankie is a master napper

Taj is on the prowl

Yana popping up to say hello!

Luna and Purr-c love to hang out outside!

Lopo is almost always the first to greet me when I come in

KC is too good at being cute!

Frank and Lopo are both big perchers

Nyar keeps her watch up high!

Nixie above and Roscoe down below are both shy, but we know that patience and gentle affection are the best ways to make them feel at home!

Blog today by Miles, overjoyed to be around all of your cat companions! You all have some wonderful pals, and we're happy to take care of them!