Thursday, July 30, 2015

July 30th 2015


Jasmine is a darling little mouse!  

Louis looks stunning in his tuxedo coat.  

Taylor is a purr kitty!  

That paw!  

Bela is settling in nicely with her security blanket from home.

Misty and Cloe are two tabby girls who met and became best buddies at Summer Camp!  

Max is our tech guy.  


Eve is a sweet little teacup who loves to show off her belly.

Gigi couldn't be more content to be up in her favorite condo.  

Give us a wink, Alice!  

Kitty Angel!  

Milly really knows how to relax!  

Basso fallows the camera EVERYWHERE!  

Pancho Villa is taking it easy today.  

Basso has those exotic ears.  

Samson found a nice shaded spot to lay in.  

Luna and Sammy are both hanging out in the bookshelf this afternoon.  

Sammy's such a cuddle bug!  


Charlie and Notch, double-decker floppy cats!  

Wally is such a good girl!

Bailey Bob procured the highest perch in the cattery.  

Marie's cat, Shilo.  

Marvin loves to be chatted up.  

Kiki is a very easy-going kind of cat.  

Emma says, "Have a great day!!!"

Your blog host,


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

July 28th

Cleo and Max are best buddies!

Kiki and Vinnie sharing a basket together

Smokey loves being the center of attention

Sisters Jasmine and Misty are doing very well for new kitties 

Louie is such a sweet boy!

Taylor showing off some yoga poses

Sadie loves her window seat

Miss Alice is such a cutie

Kitty Angel strolling around

Francis watching over the rest of the guests in his high up perch

Sammy Snowshoe is a very sweet and handsome kitty

Poke taking in her surroundings

Millie prowling around for food

Millie still on the prowl with Basso and Charlie in the background

Notch is a big fan of his basket

Charlie our stairwell dwelling kitty

Frank peeking out of his cabin

Tiger sure looks relaxed!

Basso and Samson have taken over the stairs

We had a lot of kitties sticking their tongue out at me today!





Your blog host - Ellen