Tuesday, September 29, 2015

September 29, 2015

The last Blog post of this gorgeous month of September and the cats are taking advantage of the sunshine! 
Cinnamon and Mitchell! Who appear to have switched places

Yes, Ralphie, I will happily shake your paw

Josie looks like she took a selfie

Ralphie reaches up, as though he has something to tell Josie
Whatever it is, I sure wish I could speak Cat.

Archie is such a friendly boy. We're so glad he is here!

India says "No pictures right now, plz thx"

Maggie pops up with a thought

Sweet Chaunce, all cuddled up

There you are, Harriet! Were you hiding from your brother, Archie?

Silly Ralphie, that's not your carrier!

Kisko is a little observer
Annie is dosing off to dreamland

Great choice of a nap spot, Stanley

Harriet is such an attractive fluff ball

Mr. T notices a toy

He sneaks out to observe..

..But Ralphe snagged it instead.

Kisko is looking very professional. 

Xinhou is pooped.

As is Josie.

Sneaky little Benny, always loving that windowsill

Kisses from Johnnie Walker? Yes please!

Lilly is a lovely little lady

And she is thoroughly unimpressed by my attempts to entertain her

Here is Mitchell and his shadow

Ezma's eyes! Her coat! What a looker.

At least she is fascinated by the attempted entertainment 

Theo enjoys the beauty of the day

Siblings Yuki and Hana are such furry little snowballs

She almost matches the bed!

See you again very soon!
Your blog host, Lindsay

Sunday, September 27, 2015

September 27th

Tess being super cute!

Yuki curled up in a basket

Benci, laying his claim to the new computer chair

Johnnie Walker is such a sweetheart!

Ezma, curled up on the windowsill

Hana is a well-known ceiling cat

Mitchel being his wonderful, silly self

Cinnamon took over the wicker basket today

Bear, making fast friends with my arm

What a goofball!

What's up with you Roo?

The well-known Stanley Stare, put out for all to see

Xinhow has to make sure I smell right before I pet her

Annie enjoying the sun

Sam is in  his usual spot

Ralphie is such a lovebug!

Harriet loves our cat cabins

Magnus decided that my shoe is a toy

Archie is soaking up the sun!

Kisko says hello!

We always know where to find Cougar!

Chauncy is all curled up and cozy

India just got in, what a cutie!

Blog today by Miles, hoping you all have wonderful weekends and relaxing vacations!