Friday, January 29, 2016

January 28th 2016

 It felt more like Spring today and lots of kitties enjoyed lounging in the cool, sunny weather!  

Ubele is a sweetie too!




Oh Baby, will I every be able to take a picture of you in your spot that isn't back-lit?

Fender and Gibson love hanging out together!


Toots, looking very content with herself.

Puss, you are a darling kitty!

Issy sure makes herself right at home.

She and Max can usually be found sharing the cat tree.

Bailey is a gentle creature.

Clinton prefers the outdoors to anywhere else!  

Toots, you are a noodle!  

Bailey just arrived and is happy to return to her special spot at the end of the catio. 

Rocky, you debonair tom cat!  


Olivia is new to boarding and is already out and about!  



Frosty is always in a new spot!

Have a great day!

Your blog host,


Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Lot's of sleepy feline friends here today at All My Kitties!
Simba takes it nice and easy

Simba and his sister Ubele snooze the afternoon away

Tiger says "Why did you wake me??"

Isis can barley stay awake

Mary and her bushy tail

Fender and his shiny black coat

Gibson looking calm and content

Cute Kiki is back!

Rocky curls up in the corner

Friends Toots and Issi are up and ready to party

Hi cutie pie!

Woah there!

Max and Olive are the sweetest siblings

Puss and her long, precious whiskers!

Candy is a kind hearted girl

Twins Calvin and Maisey lounge around the catio

Hope you're enjoying the nice day! See you all again soon!
Your blog host, Lindsay

Monday, January 25, 2016

January 25, 2016

Max! You look so fierce 

And adorable

Simon wants to play

How athletic!

Issi notices it's playtime
She's gotta get it!

Olive is tucked in 

Puss plays for a brief moment...

..over it.

And now Zzzzz...

Candy is such a lovely girl

Nyar hangs outside of this stunning day

Got something to say, Yana?


Toots is totally cute!

Clovis looking very flamboyant during playtime


Gibson says "Huh?"


Here's darling little Roosje! 

Fender looking curious

Isis! Could you be any cuter?


Doing yoga?

Rocky's little face is too precious 

Interested in playing, Ubele?

Simba streeeeetches away

What eyes you have!

Mary wants in on the fun

Got it!

Tiger popped up from his nap. Little sleepyhead!

We hope your are all enjoying this beautiful January day. S
ee you soon!
Your blog host, Lindsay