Sunday, July 30, 2017

July 30th

Happy Monday from All My Kitties!

Korra is slow to wake up today

Jazmine is such a love kitty

Rajah the plush kitty!

Sleepy Tiger

Baby in the shadows

Bath time for Jazmine!

Kuro definitely approves of our new tent

Precious Penny!

Wally looks so good in pink

Chloe atop her perch

Welcome Back Mavis!

Mavis was ready to mingle as soon as she came in!

Charlie makes such a good tent model!

Sterling is so sweet!

Bazzy had to leave today - but we couldn't resist posting such a handsome photo of him

Ziggy and Blaire team up for shenanigans

Tom Cat 

Such big eyes you've got Shadow!

Pan is just too pretty for words

Taiko is all legs in that basket! 

Penny comes out to greet me!

Well hello to you too Ms. Fifi!

Notch has never met a bald kitty apparently

So curious while I get some shade from Eru 

Gretchen! Such a stunning bald baby!

Data my shadow

She holds the garden in her eyes

Fifi coordinates so well with our mats

Bear is sooo photogenic

Look at that handsome 'stache!

One orange Bella paw

Phil Collins definitely not ready to wake up

Jessica models another one of our new tents

...and her manicure!

All class with Notch

oh Blaire!

We love Roo's sleepy face 
Queen Nazale of the clouds!

Jubilee giving me a look...

Tiger Bunny!

Thanks for tuning in! 

Your blog host,

Friday, July 28, 2017

July 28th

Disclaimer:  We have so many black kitties this weekend that it's hard to tell them apart.  Can you pick out your baby?

 Black cat #1

 Black cat #2 (Jessica)

 Pancho Villa





 Black cat #3 (Marley)

 Pan is here for a long stay.

 Loving the breeze in the catio


 Black Cat #4 (Penny)

 Black cat #5


 Chloe is a regular.  Hey, are you sticking your tongue out at me?

 Ahhh, she knows she's the queen.

 Penny is oh sooooo sweet!  

 Black Cat # 6

 Black cat # 7 (Shadow)


 Kitten Cinnamon with Tiger and Jubilee in the background.

 Tiger loves to nap.

 Cinnamon is helping me on the computer. 



This could be technically a black cat, but Tom Cat is a tuxedo.

 Nox likes to be on top of the condos. Black cat #8

 Cinnamon is checking out the window veranda.



 Cooper isn't interested in having her photo taken.

 Popo peeks out.

 And here she comes.

Have a wonderful weekend.  We'll be busy here with all of our summer feline guests!!!

Your blog host - Marie