Monday, April 29, 2019

April 29th

Happy Birthday
Luna & Purr-C!

 (We usually don't do this, but this year we had a special request!)

Luna is rocking her party dress
Yummmm kitty cake!
Can you guess how old they are turning?
Purr-C checks it out first
Luna says "YUMMM!"
Make sure you leave some to share with your friends, guys! 

Rita was very excited for some cake

Max prefers Temptations

Pita kitty!

Cougar in his cabin
Lamar on catnip
"Heeeeey man"
Max likes a perch to match his eyes 
Pita looks so good in green

Ollie from above

Rita wants to have a "talk"
Silently Sweet Mishka 
Sorry all the window boxes are taken Q-Tip!

Nim has such a cute white freckle on his nose 
You can tell Aussie just woke up by the flat side of her face

Ciapka loves to hang out in the highest spot 

Brutus enjoys some fresh air 
Coming out to say hi!

Hyra's turn in the window!

Aussie loves to drink from the fountain
Nim is very protective of sister Nix


Purr-C models his festive outfit in the sun 
Ollie says "put down the camera and pet me!"

Clive looks just like a cheetah kitten

Petunia yells for love

Blaire lookin so handsome

Boxer loves the view from the catio

Boo is a cozy boy!

Blaire is my sunshine!

Snuggle time with Boo! He's like a big plush kitty!

Thanks for tuning in!
Your Blog Host,

Saturday, April 27, 2019

April 27th

Happy Caturday!

Clive says "Hi!" from way up high

Monkey in a pretty frame

Siesta for Rita

Binx is a big fan of the catio

Purrrfect Purr-C

Cougar looking rather magnificent

"Looney-Loons" Luna!
Here comes Sansa!
Sometimes when you stare into the abyss,
The abyss stares back

And the abyss goes by...Frankie! 

Sansa illuminated

Luna looking for a shoulder to ride

Q-Tip digging the view

Hello in there little one!

Ciapka gets some reading done in the bookshelf

Nim & Nix are snuggle buddies

Kitty is still settling in

Brutus never lets us pass by without a pet 
Paw-bump from Cougar

Just a loaf of Monkey bread

Tooney-Toons Petunia!

Ollie, the water bowl guardian
Boxer is the happiest little floof!

Careful Boxer!
Luna doesn't always want to play!

Ollie poses for his JC Penney portrait 
Petunia found the catnip!

Looks like Blaire found some too....

Boo almost looks like a plush toy, hes so cute!

Mishka lounges

Nim is out and about!
And enjoying some bird watching

Hyra is all snuggled up and ready for bed

Quiet little Nix

Aussie got a wild hair!

Showing off all those assorted jelly-bean toes!

Thanks for tuning in!

Your Blog Host,