Saturday, June 29, 2019

June 29

With June almost over, our kitties are getting some much needed rest and relaxation in preparation for the 4th of July!

Stanley is taking the opportunity to work on his tan!

Biarritz venturing downstairs!

Blueberry checking if the "for sale" sign is still up...

The cube is Brutus' favorite hangout!

Buddy giving us "smize" (smile-eyes). 

Ciapka, why so serious? 

Cinnamon just sending a few faxes...

What a good boy, Clovis!

Cooper has such striking colors!

Dusty selecting his spot on the catio for the morning. 

Fin and Maddie working on their book cover :)

 Frank always manages to look so stately.

Frankie's just having fun :)

Great smile, Gabby!

Henry and Hazel are ready for the day. 

Hazel, what a view!

Big stretch for Henry!

Hugo is in a pensive mood...

Clearly the red cube is THE spot, and Hyra agrees!

Juno, just awoken from a nap!

Lili looks so lovely :)

Loki almost blends into the background...

Lucky Lopo - he's got the best spot in the catio this morning. 

Good morning Louie!

Luke giving us a funny face :)

Maggie looks so sweet with her bow.

Marci looking mysterious. 

Mika always manages to look fabulous.

Millie and Stanley, happy as clams - wouldn't you be?!

Millie is loving the garden views.

Minna- so beautiful!

Mishka looking so cute. 

Moose is all moved in.

Nimbus is such a nice guy :)

Nox in his cave. 

What a perfect pose Oyster!

Scout and Parkour enjoying the scenery.

Pan was feeling a little shy today :)

Poncho: "French manicure, please!"

Quinoa loves being helpful around the cattery. 

Ringo looks like he's deep in thought...

Rocky is clearly having the best nap ever.

Roo is always ready with that pose :)

Sadie says "Breakfast please!"

"No boys allowed!" - Scout

Simon's ready to play!

Toby has found a fantastic napping spot for the afternoon.

Toulouse is a little more shy than his brother Biarritz :)

And last but not least, Washi!


Have a lovely sunny weekend! 

Maddie, Allison, and the All My Kitties Team