Tuesday, October 29, 2019

October 27th

Happy National Cat Day from All My Kitties!

A sun-bathed Sherlock.

Watson shows off his flopping skills.  

Riley watches over the room from above.

L.E. is a lion!

That fabulous mane!

Sweetest Saoirse.

Glover loves to be chatted up.  

What a darling round face.

Always nice to see you, Navi!

Estelle steps out of her basket to say hello.

Tyson is ready to come out!

Welcome back, Mira!

Watson is a cutie.


Kashi's got those bengal stripes.

Rita definately isn't lacking in the personality department.  

Mavis shows her content by rubbing her face on the cat tree.

Tana won't let a single person go by without paying her a greeting.  

Precocious Panqueque. 

Nobel Mr. Blue.

Always the gentleman.  

Explorative Mavis. 

Panqueque is a ball of energy.  

Hello up there, Newton!

This undercover kitty wants his identity kept secret ((it's Guaro!))

Sunny days again for Simon.

Have a cat-tastic day!

Your blog host,


Sunday, October 27, 2019

October 27th

Newton says that it's a great day to be a cat!

Partners Kiwi and Buzz.

The honorable Dr. Watson.  

Riley, baby!

L.E. is the sweetest.

Riley again, looking cute.

Mavis is all over the place. 


Simon trying a new hangout spot. 

Tom Tom living it up in the catio.

Inquisitive Sherlock.

Kahless and Kitiara and best buds. 

They are never far apart.

Together forever!

Frankie heads for the highest point in the room.

Riley and Sherlock hanging out. 

Kashi cakes!

Tana is really into this squishy soft basket.

Buzz and Kiwi welcome guests as they come through the door. 

They make great door-greeters.  

Welcome back, Corbyn!

Remi is king of all that he surveys.  

Lovely TomTom.  


Julien is as friendly as can be.  

Buzz and Kiwi want more photos, please!  

She wants to expand her social media presence.  

Mr. Blue is in charge around here.

Newcomer Estelle is a blossoming flower.  

Is that a high five?

Have a great day!

Your blog host,