Sunday, January 27, 2013

Nocturnal Kitties

 It's nighttime at All My Kitties and all the guests are coming out after a long day of strenuous napping.

 Isis wants to nap just a little bit longer.

 Her sister Mary is ready for nighttime activities. 

 Babs decides she wants to bury her dinner with the carpet.

 Close encounter between Mary and Chloe.

 Prints loves to be outside, even when dining.

 Here comes Babs to see what's lurking in the darkness of the backyard.

 But she is not amused at Chloe who wants to sniff her tail.  

 "Scat cat," says Babs.  "I'm out of here."

 "Now let's check out those noises I hear."

 Minka is thinking about exploring outside too.

 She's out.

 Everyone seems to be attracted by the water bowl. 

 Chloe plays queen of the cabin by jumping on the roof.  Her tail is so big and fluffy.

 LeNez has had a full day of being out of her condo and just wants to hang inside for the night. 

 Sister Molly is such a sweet kitty, but she really doesn't like the flash of the camera.  Sorry to disturb you Molly.

 Babs keeps watching for something.  I wonder what those big cat eyes can see?

Here's Prints again all bundled up in heated blankets in the cat cabin.

 You look pretty cozy Prints.

 Mary is as pretty as a picture.  Look at the gorgeous tail.

 Does she realize there are two kitties right behind her?

Chloe once again in her favorite chair with a big pillow and heated pad.  Such a spoiled girl.

Peanut has the office all to himself now.  He watches me as I post this blog.

Justyna will be back on Tuesday with her next post.


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