Monday, March 2, 2020

March 2nd

A lot of kitties went home today after Winter Break and we are left with with a fantastic
 tight-knit crew of cats!

Q-Tip couldn't be more content hanging out in her window box. 

Brilliant Berlioz.

Chloe is a sweetie!

Jinx the Wise and All Powerful.

Berlioz wants to be everybody's best friend.

How's it going up there, Chloe?

Berlioz has a lot of love to give!

Noodles is loads of fun!

Charming Charles.

Berlioz says she's accepting visitors in her condo all afternoon.

Shiloh with his pink toe beans.  

My what cute paws you have, Sookie!

Noodles wants a hug!

Phil is sent from Heaven.

Bloo's been chilling all afternoon.

Thanks for looking!

Your blog host,


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