Thursday, August 20, 2020

August 20th


"Sunshineeeee, on our shouldersssss..." 🌞

It's been a great week at All My Kitties! 

Ditto and Tubs warm our hearts. 💕

Charles gettin' his chill on. 

Kitten alert!!! 😻

Welcoming the delightful little Birdie to AMK! 

Vying for the leg rubs! 

Chewy is such a love. 💖

Ditto is always down for the pets. 

Fairy waking up from a lovely siesta. 

Ginger on the move! 

June has monopolized the closet. 😂

Mack loves the catio! 

Welcome back Maxwell! 

Rocky has something to say! 

Tubs is so photogenic. 

Tuckerman in his favorite spot. 

Welcoming Archer and Rogue!!!


Chewy and Zoo are buddies! 

Kit Kat loving the window box! 

Smudge is just the sweetest. 💞

Zoo sayin' "hi"!


Enjoy the rest of your week! 🌄

-Maddie, Marie, Kara and the AMK Team

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