Thursday, May 26, 2022

May 26, 2022

 May 26th

Happy Thursday, Everyone! It is finally getting warmer here and our furry friends are loving it!

Hallie loves going on solo adventures! She is not interested in the other cats!

Arti and Mini are very comfortable here! They are always excited to see us!


Clover and Sammy love their condo! They love that it is in the middle of the room and they can see everything!

Bastet and Khonsu are always on the move but they are sure to be back in their condos in time for dinner!

Bayley has been exploring more! She has discovered that she loves the catio!

Maks has also been exploring! He has discovered the cat cabins!

Chloe is a home body! She loves napping by the heating vent on top of the condos!

Izzy loves hanging out on the shelves behind her condo! She loves laying on the warm radio!

Patrick is a wild man! He loves running around!


Rosie has really warmed up! She has been off exploring today!

Beesly loves going everywhere! He wants to be where the action is!

Fennec and Nagi have settled in quickly! They both are very active!

Almond is a new furry friend! He is settling in well and loves his basket and his food! 

Cat Fun Fact! Many cats are allergic to grass, fleas, mites, or dust; but a few of our feline friends are actually allergic to us, too! Often, they are reacting to our perfume, soap, or laundry detergent instead of our skin or hair, though!

We will see you all on Saturday!



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