Saturday, December 24, 2022

December 24, 2022

 December 24 2022

Merry Christmas from all of us at AMK 
(and the kitties of course!)

Teddy having lots of fun with the bird toy!

Cyan says don't just stand there, pet me. 

Rocky Rockstar surveying his kingdom

Hana & Yuki enjoying the warm office!

Salem coming out for a sniff

Edie being petite and adorable!

Kira settling in for a nap!

Jubilee helping with office chores as usual!

Maggie likes to hang in her condo and welcomes visitors!

Musubi looking like a little oreo with eyes!

Bailey heading out to the catio to smell the rain!

Roxanne wishing us happy holidays!

Beautiful Brutus and Hyra each finding their cozy place!

Harvey blending in with the rug!

Roger and Trudy watching the world from their condo

Junebug and Roger being social and active!

Apollo is chilling out in his fave place. 

Patrick putting on his best face!

Pancake loves a good cubby

Rascal is giving that steel blue look

 Jules Claw loves to sleep on the stairs

Hamza loves a good cubby

Millie coming in for some pets

Watson was the first to explore the box

Luna napping in a warm catio basket

Tenzing found a warm spot on the catio

Vivian watches Edward play

Blossom loves condo shelves, she explores all of them

A-Pui napping after play time

Just some meeting of the cat minds....

Have a great holiday and we will see you all on Monday 12/26!
-AMK Team 

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