Sunday, February 12, 2023

February 12, 2023

 February 12, 2023

Happy Sunday Everyone! 

Did you today is Abraham Lincoln 

and Charles Darwin's Birthdays!

Morning catio party with Shibden, Brio and 
Damian the first to get there after breakfast

Blue & Brio are independent siblings.
Brio prefers comfy beds and Blue is always exploring.

Max & Sasha explore and then nap. The life of a cat. 

Billie sees something happening down the stairs, then says nevermind, just pet me

Patsy coming in for some affection while 
Helen gives you her best pose

Millie coming in for some pets

Prince getting some love while Punkin explores the catio

Goji enjoying the sunny catio time!

Cassie coming out for some attention while Damian explores

Luke will always come in for some attention

Halley spent a bit of time on the catio but has now returned to their comfy blanket

Fennec plays while Nagi bird watches

Fennel & Shibden enjoy spending time together in different configurations in their condo

Mushu hanging in their cubbie after a morning exploring
and Sammy has made it to visit Halley's condo

See everyone Tuesday! 
AMK Team 

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