Tuesday, July 4, 2023

July 4, 2023

July 4th!


Bert and Jett would like to know why I woke them up!

Boba posing their long legs and enjoying some window time

Waffles showing you all her poses
Buzz and Kiwi hanging out on the catio together
Kuma is a master napper
Rascal says "I am sleeping!"
Almond loves this basket
Goji showing off their cute beans
Mina enjoying the warm catio
Pashmina likes to get some pets

Boris just being the cute kitty they are exploring the catio
Maya soaking up some catio time
Oyster woke up with some bed head
Roxanne showing off her scratcher skills
Stevie is pretty excited for treats
Taro would like to know why we woke them up
Memo finding some good spots
Moose lounging inside and out
Gus loving the catio
Watson showing his tail poof skills after some playtime
Jasperr and Pearrl exploring some fresh catnip and lounging 
Sophie enjoying her cubby and discovering the outdoor cabins
Millie getting special hallway time in the window
Apollo napping in his fave spot
Azula chills in her condo and is happy for head scritches
Primrose comin gout out say hello after breakfast 
Loki snuggling up in their cubby
Luna showing you all her faces
Kirk and Lulu are out exploring today

Kitties hanging out together

We will see you Thursday! 

-AMK Team

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