Sunday, January 14, 2024

January 14th, 2024

 January 14th

Happy Sunday
all the kitties are having a relaxing day!

Bug loves to explore all the other condos!

Fitz has a new favorite spot at the top of the stairs!

Bunny and Hugo just arrives and are already exploring!

Jessica loves to nap in her friends beds!

Ladybird loves to explore and follow us around for pets!

Mantou is supervising my cleaning!

Moose is all about the catio, he loves to bird watch!

Nina spend the morning napping but came down to say hi!

Nyx is a shy but oh so sweet kitty, she likes to watch everything from her cozy bed!

Raleigh doesn't care about the cold, they're extra fluffy and are on a heated bed!

Toph is ready for dinner!

Hana and Yuki are spending today on top of their condo!

That's all for today,
see you back here on Tuesday!
-AMK Team

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