Tuesday, February 19, 2013

February 19

Aw Rufio!


Gomez found his happy place :)

All curled up..Roo

That would be Cassini popping out there... 

And then her again :)

these guys just LOVE the catnip toys..2 minutes later and the thing was destroyed :(

And tasty too 

Oh hey there Cassini 


Precious brothers.. Notch and Charlie 

Nothing can keep Eliza from her favorite spot 


Millie :)

Tiger has a view better then mine!


Buster :) Every time he manages to find his cabin...amazing how good of memory these guys have

Breesy seems to prefer her bed on top of the water bowl..?

Every time Gilda's here there is always a fight for the desk chair.. and she always seems to win

Pia :)

Breesy decided to make the bed his way. 

Oh Jackson..

First they want to cuddle.. 

then..rejection :(

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