Thursday, February 21, 2013

February 21

Model cat..Kaluah

Agent Orange

Aw Roo :)

And Twyla :)

Tight squeeze there Roo

Jiang Jiang :)

Rufio passed out 

Eliza :) she kind of wanted to hog the camera today

It's almost as if these kitties use the cat posts as a photo prop

Oh Tiger


going in for the stretch.. 


Most cat's hate their carriers..but Poncho finds them quite comfy to sleep in

this photo may go down as one of the best cat faces. ever. Roo :)

bonding  time with Milo & Chewie

glad someone makes the right use of the scratch posts! Gomez

Hey there Pi.. 

Pepe NOT happy I woke him up..

Pia :)

Aww Rusty 

They're like twins :)

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