Tuesday, January 9, 2018

January 9th

Elijah says "Happy Tuesday!"

Bags is all comfort today

Sweet Louie

Sleepy little May

Special pants in honor of our Queen...

Queen Nefertiti!

Surveying her kingdom

Elijah approves of the new perch

Off he goes!

Welcome Yoshi!

Lopo is the sweetest old man

And so is his bro Frank

Chairman Meow explores the catio


Whatcha see Ollie?

So playful today!

New heights for Frank

Blaire wishes he were the Leg Lamp

More excitement for Ollie

Lil Lola loves the love

Taiko baby wishes someone would adopt him

Welcome Expo!



Lola joins her bro Ollie for some activities

Expo is so brave!

Struttin his stuff

Double decker black kitties Blaire and Scout

Scout's new favorite cattery toy....

Ted found a nice squishy window seat

;-) right back atcha Raleigh

Playful for Nino!

Winston wants to join too

Get it!

Once again, Winston and I thank you for checking out the blog!

Your Blog Hosts,
Angela & Winston

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