Wednesday, January 3, 2018

January 3rd

New Year's resolution?  Pay homage to more fabulous kitties!  

Captivating Kaplan!

Bags couldn't be cozier.

Raleigh loves the catio!

Elijah's on a field trip today.

Lovely Lopo!

Nefertiti is a sweetie!  

Winston is a fan of anything that's warm and fluffy.  

Welcome, Lil!  

And newcomer, Loop!  

Doesn't Nino have the prettiest eyes? 

What a big paw you have, Bear!  

Marvelous Mia!

Miso spends her afternoon in the catio.  

Pretty boy, Kaplan.  

The Frankster!  

Gitana is long and limber.  

Nino again, looking dapper.  

Louie says, "Make it a great day!"

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