Sunday, September 13, 2020

September 13, 2020

It's a little smokey outside but no one seems to care here at
 All My Kitties

Peek a boo Lily

She was hiding from me but she bounces out of the basket when she hears "dinner"

Elsie is just a perfect cat, don't you think?

Janeway and Archer...Would you please look at the camera?

They look this way, that way....oh I give up!

Our darling Chewy

Romeo is one of our younger boarders.

Kirby is quite a nice gentelman.

Tigger discovered the hidy hole cat tree.

Hi Missy.  Yes, you have a beautiful paw.

Sayyida explores her neighbor's condo.

Seal likes being outside

Sweetums is a bit shy.  Maybe tomorrow she'll come out and play.

Coco and Seal

Sarge isn't that thrilled with his dry food tonight.

But hey, it's food.  Tomorrow morning he'll get his favorite canned Friskies.

That's it for today folks!
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